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This page contains a list of addons that I have either had a hand in making/improving or just can’t seem to play without them anymore. This list will grow over time and I plan on eventually giving each one a dedicated post to shine the spot light on them and why they are so useful. I have tremendous respect of the many community members that put there time into addons over the years. It’s the creative players like you that have urged me to strive to make my mark on the community and do what good I can.

Addons I develop (Still Working on Updates for WoD):

  • Glamour :: Centralized Achievement Alert Frame System
  • Glamour2 :: Replacement for Glamour, currently in pre-alpha
  • Titan CurrencyTracker :: Currency Display/Tracking for Titan Panel
  • Titan Reputation :: Reputation Display/Tracking for Titan Panel
  • SetConsoleKey :: Remembers your custom SetConsoleKey configuration between sessions.
  • slashDeleteAll :: slash command to assist with destroying items in your inventory.
  • slashParty :: slash commands to assist with group settings.
  • slashToast :: slash command to update your broadcast message.

I am behind the times when it comes to updating the addons I develop. If you are one of the avid users waiting for a new version of these, I thank you for being so patient. I have only listed the ones that I am planning on updating moving forward. I have a few others lingering around on curse/curseforge that I may resurrect one day, but for now. The list above is plenty enough to commit to.

I tend to run a large amount of addons as well as partially developed addons, so I deal with Interface issues and addon compatibility conflicts all the time. I don’t progression raid any longer nor have I ever been into the pvp/arena game-style so this hasn’t been a big issue for me. I know when you are trying to down the cutting edge content, it’s nice to have a sleek and trimmed interface. I used to run addon managers in game to help keep profiles for raiding/questing and so on. However, since the inception of the in-game addon manager by Blizzard this expansion, I haven’t needed an external source to handle this anymore. You might think me a bit insane to run this many addons, but remember, this is just the official ones! I haz moar! /trollface

To help you folks find the addons you might be interested in. I’ve tried to break these down into groups I felt more accurately represented what these addons are about. This way you don’t have to comb through an entire list to find only the Garrison addons and so on.


  • Overachiever :: Adds more tabs to the Achievement interface. Aids in finding and tracking achievements.

Alternate Characters:

  • Armory :: Maintains a browsable/searchable  database in game of your alts and generally anything you’d want to know about your alts.
  • BagSync :: Keeps track of what toons have what items and how many. Supports the guild bank as well.
  • Glyph Reporter :: Helps track down the missing glyphs on your alts.
  • Recipe Helper :: Helps track recipe data across your alts.
  • SavedInstances :: Tracks yours and your alts instance and daily lockouts.

Battle Pets:




  • Clique :: Allows you to configure various click actions on Unit Frame windows to cast spells that target that unit.
  • Deadly Boss Mods :: Helps track abilities and cool downs in boss encounters. Helps you get out of fires. Modular, supports old content.
  • Decursive :: A mini-unit frame interface to aid in removing curses/poisons and diseases on your party/raid members.
  • MikScrollingBattleText :: Replacement for Blizzard’s default Battle Text interface.
  • Recount :: Stats tracking of combat performance.
  • Tidy Plates :: Modular replacement for Blizzard’s Name Plates.


  • All Classes
  • Death Knight
    • CLC DK ::  Fork of ClcInfo customized specifically for Death Knights.
  • Rogue
    • Poisoner :: Poison tracking, alert and application assistant.


  • BugSack :: A tool to collect LUA error data so that it doesn’t spam your screen.
  • Hack :: A powerful in-game LUA editor and scripting tool
  • idTip :: Reveal item/spell IDs in tooltips.


  • Bodyguard Away :: Hide the dialog from clicking on your bodyguard.
  • BodyguardHealth :: A frame for monitoring bodyguard health.
  • BulkOrder :: Automated work order queueing.
  • FollowerGearOptimizer :: Optimization for applying your Follower Armor/Weapon tokens effeciently.
  • Garrison Mission Manager :: Tool for assisting in expedited party creation for Garrison missions.
  • Master Plan :: Improved Missions UI and expedited completed mission reward processing.
  • StealthMissions :: Hides completed mission alert frames until after combat ends.
  • Timberino :: Automatically toggles tracking wood when you have a Lumbermill and need wood.


  • Action Bar Saver :: Save/Load action bar profiles. This will save and load that button assignments themselves, not just layout.
  • Bartender4 :: Powerful tool for managing your action bar layouts and key bindings.
  • BetterBlizzOptions :: Allows you to drag/move the Blizzard options windows.
  • Better Inbox :: Improved interface for handling multiple mail messages at once.
  • HandyNotes :: Add icons with notes to your world and mini-maps. Very useful combined with the many plugins available.
  • Inline Aura :: Display remaining buff time on buff skills on your action bars.
  • MBB :: Puts all the extra mini-map buttons from addons into a single button that expands to allow access to them.
  • Mount Journal Enhanced :: Improved/Remembered filtering for the mounts window.
  • Opie :: Radial Action Binding Addon
  • PetJournal Enhanced :: Improved/Remembered filtering for the pets window.
  • Rarity :: helps track all the different rare mounts/pets and toys in the game and your success rate at hunting them.
  • Routes :: Allows you paint routes on the world/mini-map for gathering node/achievement/questing paths.
  • SilverDragon :: Alert frame for nearby rare monsters.
  • Titan Panel :: Customizable , modular libdatabroker plugin displaying interface with many many many plugins.
  • Tipsy :: relocate the tooltip anchor.
  • Toy Box Enhanced :: Improved/Remembered filtering for the toy box window.


  • Auctioneer Suite :: Advanced auction interface includes automagic and entrantrix
  • ClamStacker :: Dynamic movable button frame for opening clam style items.
  • Extended Vendor UI :: Increases the width and filtering of the Merchant/Vendor frames.
  • Sell-O-Matic2 :: Powerful tool for assisting with selling items in mass.


  • Archy :: A must have for archaeology interface ehancement.
  • FishingAce :: Auto-Cast/Auto-Lure
  • Gatherer :: remember where you find gathering/object nodes.
  • OneClickEnchantScroll :: Adds a button to enchanting profession window that allows easily creating enchantment scrolls.
  • TradeSkillClearButton :: Adds a simple little x button to the profession window’s s
  • TradeskillDW :: Expands the profession window to be either wider or taller and adds additional profession tabs to the right side making switching between known profession windows seemless.


  • !QuestItemButtonFix :: A must have for anyone who uses allot of mods as they tend to taint the stack and invalidate the built-in blizzard quest item buttons. I have never seen this one fail.
  • Work Complete :: Plays the “Work Complete” sound when a quest is completed. Also supports announcing quest objective status updates to the group.


  • Chatter :: adds additional chat features to the chat frame.
  • iFriends :: display a summary of online friends lists information in a libdatabroker addon.
  • iGuild :: display a summary of online guild lists information in a libdatabroker addon.
  • iSocial :: combines iFriends/iGuild into one entity instead of two.
  • Wim :: turns whispers into a fully function Instant Messenger interface.

I will be updating this page over time to include the links to each addon’s page for easier grabbing of the addons you’d like to try. I’ll also be adding spot light buttons for addons that I’ve dedicated an entire article to. These will be added as I go, as well as some proof reading which hasn’t been done yet. I wanted to get this page posted so you all at least had the information as it could potentially help you find addons that suit your needs.


  • 01/07/2015
    • Added Word Complete addon to Questing sections
    • Created Battle Pets section
    • Moved Battle Pet BreedID and BattlePetCount to the Battle Pets section
    • Added curse links for all addons
    • Updated Classes sections into a hierarchically indented format