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Gargra :: Frostfire Ridge

Gargra‘s Team:

Team A:


  1. Leveling pet :: Use Any Skill
  2. Once you’ve got your hit in swap to Darkmoon Zeppelin.
  3. Start with [3][Decoy] and just keep hitting those pups with [1][Missles] until your Darkmoon Zeppelin is down.
  4. Swap to Menagerie Custodian once Darkmoon Zeppelin dies.
  5. [1][Zap] until last pup enters battle.
  6. [2][Shock & Awe] and blow him up with your [3][Io...
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Vesharr :: Spires of Arak


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End of an Era: Goodbye World of Warcraft

Due to recent events, I have been forced to consider what my future in the World of Warcraft will be. Up to this point, I have enjoyed my time playing the various expansions of WoW and experiencing the PvE content in each one. I have taken breaks before but I have never officially quit the game and never seriously considered it. At this point in time however, I do not feel that the current state of player and guild quality in the game are conducive to the overall way I would like to play the game. Outside of perhaps the top guilds in the world, I do not feel that the average player shares my philosophy towards the game and therefore it would be difficult for me to find a raiding atmosphere that I truly enjoy...

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World of Warcraft: Heroic Blackrock Foundry Operator Thogar First Kill

Operator Thogar is a rather fun fight to learn. It involves trains and requires you to not get hit by them. Unfortunately I did not make a compilation of all the times myself or others got hit by trains or the time we hit the enrage and 4 trains wiped out the entire raid. It took a while for many of us to get used to the pattern but once we stopped dying to train accidents, the boss proved to be rather easy for us as you will see in the video. Again hopefully this video proves to be helpful to anyone still struggling with this encounter or for those who already have it down, may it help you improve your overall performance. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy the video.

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World of Warcraft: Heroic Blackrock Foundry Kromog First Kill Analysis

After killing Flamebender Ka’graz, my guild decided to tackle Kromog mainly because of his close proximity to Flamebender as well as his rather simple fight mechanics. I know I’ve said that a few of these fights were relatively simple but to be honest that is true for many of the bosses in the instance save for a few and Kromog is no exception. Kromog is a straightforward punch you in the face boss that bombards the raid with high aoe damage and heavy damage on the tanks. Success on this encounter will require very strong healing from your healing team. There are a couple of mechanics to be aware of but for the most part this is just a pure healer fight...

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