High Quality White Items

The biggest issue I currently have with crafting legendary is hunting down the white items required for each recipe. I do like that you need them, but I’m not entirely happy with having to hunt them down. I often wonder why these base items do not have their own recipes from the smith. The best legendary items you can craft are crafted using high quality base items. If you are anything like me, you will not waste a crafting attempt on a legendary with a mediocre base item. This starts to get frustrating as it can takes hours upon hours to find an adequate item relying entirely on RNG from weapon/armor wracks and other sources in the world. All of these items break down into a common quality component for crafting. Why don’t we have recipes from the smith that allow us to craft randomized qualities of these weapons using the base crafting compound for its level? It seems to me like a logical solution. It is not very engaging game play to search for high quality white drops for your recipe and due to the sheer number of item types that can drop, finding that high quality helmet or shoulder piece you need to attempt another roll at your desired legendary becomes extremely tedious. I try not to focus on this aspect of the crafting system when I’m actively playing, preferring to just save the high quality white items that do drop for a future attempt at a high quality legendary craft. I have however, gotten to the point in the game where I am trying for specific crafted sets. Due to the nature of randomized stats, getting even close to your desired stats can take dozens of re-rolls. I’m finding it harder to find a sufficient white quality item then it is to find the legendary quality crafting materials these items require. This leads me to conclude that allowing players to craft randomized quality white items by themselves as a feasible alternative to having to wade through the sea of whites all day long to get a single attempt at the legendary you’re attempting to craft.

Another thought I have on this subject is the lack of white quality items seen on merchants, especially rare-spawn merchants. These merchants become almost entirely useless after you’ve gotten a few hundred paragon levels and are decked out in legendary gear. It is certainly nice to have discounted potions and dyes as they seem to provide, but some of these merchants don’t even sell these items. I submit that having  merchants fill in their inventory slots with randomized white quality items is another viable solution to my aforementioned issue with finding high quality white items. These items could be of limited quantity, meaning you can only buy 1 and have a scaling gold cost depending on the quality of the item being sold. This provides yet another place to sync gold, and another use for those rare merchants and events that spawn merchants around the game. I really believe these changes would be a great direction for the game to take.

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