Useless White Items Return

Well today Blizzard patched the game and one of the changes was to remove the requirement of white quality items as a base for legendary crafting recipes. This does resolve my issue of having to hunt monotonously for high quality white items and frees up a stash space for holding onto more legendary items but I’m not satisfied. I rather enjoyed the prospect of superior quality crafted legendary items by starting with a superior quality base item. The fix put in place today, in my opinion, is not a very creative solution to the problems the system presented. It does fix the negative aspects of the issue, but sacrifices the benefits the system had put into play. It now also leaves white quality items as useless again.

I hope there are plans down the road to bring back a use for high quality white items. I would like to be rewarded for having a keen eye and being able to spot these items as they drop in the world. At this point, when I see them, I cry a little on the inside, as they had so much promise in the past. Even in Diablo II there was a use for them, using the Anvil to generate a randomly rolled magic item from them. It would be nice to see that ability returned to towns in Diablo III. I would outline as thus:


  • add new object to towns “Griswald’s Anvil” operated by the Spirit of Griswald, a renown master blacksmith of legend.
  • Visiting the anvil opens a dialog window that allows you to place an item on the anvil (only accepting white quality items)
  • 5 additional slots in the dialog accepts any legendary quality crafting material. Upon placing the crafting mat into the slot, it increases the chance of producing a legendary item by 5% for a maximum chance of +25%.
  • There would be additional Gold and Rare quality crafting material requirements as well, possibly scaling upward for each legendary slot used.
  • The system would encorporate a base chance at rolling a legendary item based off the supplied item, otherwise it would roll a rare quality item.
  • The resulting item would include the quality affix of the white item supplied, in addition to the stats normally generated for the rolled legendary.


A system like this in place would solve the issue I have with high quality white items no longer having a practical usage in the game. It would also fill a niche in the game for extra rare high quality legendary items. It would provide yet another mechanic in the game for players to utilize while leveling up as well as provide another point of interest for end game players. This would also provide another use for the plethora of legendary crafting materials that players horde but have no use for as they do not provide a useful item for their preferred class. If the system is constructed properly, it would not cause any balance issues as the entire point of the end game is to progress to better and better gear. This would be a single point in the game where the best potential gear can be obtained, without deprecating the other methods of item collection in the game.

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