Heroes of the Storm – All Heroes Free for 1 Week

In a recent blog post Blizzard announced that Heroes of the Storm will be entering the final phase of Alpha testing on September 22nd. As part of this they announced they will be shutting down the in-game shop for 1 week. While the shop is down all heroes in the game will be made playable in the free rotation. One week later the servers will be brought down for an extended maintenance that will last a week or longer during which time all player accounts will be wiped, supposedly for the last time ever.

While the rest of the blog post gives me no evidence to believe so, I hope Blizzard learns from this 1 week of full access to the character roster and decides to move forward by making that a permanent decision. I believe this to be the only way that this game can realistically hope to compete with the likes of Dota 2 and League of Legends. If for whatever reason Blizzard as a company has no desire to compete with the two biggest games in the Moba/Arts genre, then I am rather confused as to why they decided to monetize this game in the first place. The game does not do enough different from either of those games and honestly it’s just doing everything League does but worse. This is no way to pull away from a player base. If they can remove just a small degree of the grind from their game(the grind for heroes) as Valve did with Dota 2, they could potentially pull a significant number of players to their game both old and new while still being profitable by selling purely cosmetic things such as skins and mounts or experience boosts for leveling accounts and heroes should be they insist on having us level our heroes.

Just a thought, though I’m neither a game developer nor an economist, just a member of their target demographic so what do I know?

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