My First Post

Greetings all, I’m Savius aka Hao-sama aka The Self Proclaimed Greatest Resto Druid in the Universe. Sol has graciously allowed me to contribute here and I will do my very best not to disappoint. While this post will focus on Heroes of the Storm, my primary focus will be World of Warcraft mostly but since the beta has not yet been announced there is not really much to discuss in that regard.


Thanks to Sol I have been able to test a game that I’ve been excited about for a really long time, Heroes of the Storm.  Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s foray into the MOBA arena. It was initially planned as an addon for Starcraft 2 but eventually it was decided that it would be its own standalone game. It went through a number of changes before reaching this point including at least 2 name changes. Originally it was to be called Blizzard Dota and after some legal issues with Valve over the use of the term Dota it became Blizzard All Stars. I guess that wasn’t cool enough because ultimately they settled on the name Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes is interesting for its own reasons. If you’re a Blizzard nerd in some fashion whether it be as a fan of Warcraft like myself or a fan of Starcraft or Diablo, the character selection alone is enough to at least pique your interest a bit. I mean really, who wouldn’t want the chance to play as Arthas the Lich King, Diablo, or Kerrigan in just about any capacity? Character choices aside, there are a number of interesting things that sets Heroes apart from other games in the genre.  League of Legends, the current top dog of MOBAs, is said to be popular mainly because of it’s relative level of simplicity and accessiblity when compared to competitors like Dota 2 and Heroes of Newerth. League of Legends is widely said to be much more casual than Dota 2 and that is a category I think Blizzard can easily match them in. Heroes is already set to be “Free to Play” with of course an option to spend real money on things like character skins, mounts, and even characters themselves. Couple that with an in game tutorial as well as a practice mode, both of which you are required to play before playing against other players, and you have a game that is fairly easy to pick up, put down, and pick up again without worrying about falling behind the curve.

I’ll end this by saying that the game is currently in Alpha testing which means it is a long way from being ready to go live and many things are subject to change. That being said, as long as I have access to the game I will keep playing it and continue providing content relating to it whenever I can. So far I like what I have seen and I really enjoy the game itself and I think it has great potential to compete with and offer a suitable alternative to League of Legends and Dota 2.



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