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What is SolCraft?

World of SolCraft is a gaming blog for my friends and myself to discuss games we are playing. There is no limit as to what games will appear on here. It all depends on what we are playing and who wants to contribute to the site. I plan on maintaining this site with my own insights for the unforeseeable future. If you find anything on here useful, I’m glad to have helped you out.



Hello players,

Though I have many character names, I typically go by PapaSol, or Sol for short. Welcome to my World of Warcraft blog. Here I will be posting various tips, tricks, suggestions and maybe the occasional rant about WoW and my experiences with the game. I’ve been playing WoW since the Burning Crusades which makes me a well seasoned player. I have experienced many aspects of the game and many classes. I have a tinker’s nature when it comes to programming and develop several addons that are published on curse.com. I have done many things in the land of Azeroth, from lightly raiding, to competitive progression raiding, and even achievement hunting as well as just purely leveling a character for the enjoyment of it. I’m an experienced macro writer as well. You will find many useful things on my site as over time I plan on importing all the tricks I’ve discovered over the years into this blog for the greater good of the player base. Over the years I have given out much advice on various subjects of the game and now plan to include any such advice onto the blog as well. I hope that eventually, the community of World of Warcraft can utilize my tips and better their play-styles and attitudes toward the game. I thank you kindheartedly for visiting this meager corner of the world and taking the time to read any of my articles.


Navigate to my my most recent articles using the “Latest Posts” menu to the right. You may also use the various categorical navigation links to the right for more specific articles. Feel free to register an account with the site and post comments to any articles. Most common decency rules apply to comments, I’ll terminate anything that doesn’t fit with the flow of the site.


If you would like to send me a message just email me at: s o l @ c j w o r l d s . c o m