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Well I just thought I’d drop this status update because it has been forever since I’ve posted. I’ve had the itch to play WOW for months now. Steff and I have finally dusted off our accounts and started playing again this weekend. There still aren’t any changes in place since we left earlier this year, but things should start happening on there soon with the expansion imminent. This will also mean all my neglected addons will be seeing updates in the near future as well. I already have a list of changes I need to make on a few of the more popular ones. Adapting them to the latest incarnation of Blizzard’s addon api will be interesting.  Returning to WOW will also give me the kick in the butt I needed to become more active on SolCraft as well. My new job won’t afford me the free time I would like to devote to WOW and SolCraft, but with me being unable to play any games while working, I should manage to put together some guides and posts on my slower work days. The busy season is coming up for work as well, so we’ll see how things pan out for my contributions to SolCraft. I have to give a shout out to Savius for pushing out all the Heroes of the Storm articles these past few months. You do good work man!

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  • Aimiss  says:

    I’m back too 🙂

  • Savius  says:

    I’d like to get back into WoW myself soon if I can. The pre-expansion patch should be hitting live servers in the next few weeks especially given the fact that we’re about a month away from the xpac going live. There will be lots to do and you can check out some of the coming changes over on the PTR if you have time as the pre-expansion patch is still live there if I’m not mistaken.

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