Expanding Site Content

It’s been weeks since I’ve posted anything useful about WoW, this is because I haven’t been playing WoW. I’ve been hitting the new Reaper of Souls Paragon system pretty hard lately which keeps me away from thinking about WoW specifically. In all likelihood, I will not return to posting WoW content until the new expansion. In the mean-time I’ve decided to expand the content of this blog to include any and all games that I play and wish to post information on. I have been working to incorporate different themes into the website so that when viewing content for a game, the theme of the site will adjust to represent the game in question. I plan on putting out some Diablo 3 content in the near future as it is where my mind is focused. You will also start to see information from the Heroes of the Storm Alpha invite that I received as well and from my new contributor Savius.

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