Savius Status Update

So…it’s been quite a while since my last post and I’d like to give just a little update as to what I’ve been up to. Since quitting WoW back in March I had mainly moved to playing League of Legends and intended to focus mainly on creating content for that game once I figured how I wanted to present it. Long story short I ended up getting myself banned from that game for being a meanie to people so that will no longer be happening. Since I gave up on/was forced out of League of Legends(Though I still follow the competitive scene), I have been playing various single player games like Evoland 2, Jotun and GTA V. All good games in their own rights and I’d recommend either one of them for people to play. Anyway my main reason for posting this is for anyone who views this site who happens to be an ex-RO player. You may be interested to know that Tree of Savior is launching another international beta from Oct. 27 to Nov. 25 and anyone can play so long as they sign up by this coming Monday. I’ve been following this game for the past year or two and I wasn’t disappointed when I played in the first international beta. I urge anyone who has or had an interest in RO to check this game out and if you can’t find the time to play, myself and I’m sure others will be streaming the game over on so feel free to check any of that out. In any case I hope to be able to create more videos or just have enough interesting things to talk about that I’ll be able to start posting here again more frequently.




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