Sidebar Updates

I’ve put some time into the site’s sidebar tonight. Here are the changes in place now:

  • Converted Categories from a long list do a more orderly Dropdown menu system.
  • Converted Archives to a similar Dropdown menu system.
  • Removed the Recent Posts section as this was redundant with Latest Posts section.
  • Renamed Latest Posts to Latest Posts by Game
  • Renamed Non-Game Specific Latest posts to Site News to more accurately represent what you will see on that page.
  • Added Warcraft Blue Tracker to display links to recent Blue Posts on the wow forums
  • Added some divider and spacers.

I think these changes help clean up the navigation interfaces. Other recent changes to the site that have gone undocumented are thus:

  • Added External Resources page with links to third party sites for various games that I frequent.
  • Renamed External Resources page to Links

I hope these changes help you folks find the content that you are interested.

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