Titan Reputation Updated for 5.4

Titan Reputation finally received an update this week. It has been a long while since it was touched and is a well over-due compatibility fix for friendships that were added to the game this expansion. I am working on several other updates to Titan Reputation and my other addons but this one is the first on my list to get updated for the users that like this long running Reputation plugin for Titan Panel. If you are unfamiliar with the addon, you might wanna check it out: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/titanrep

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  • Lisa N  says:

    Is there any way to get rid of that ugly ribbon image that shows up next to everything? I don’t want to disable everything but that image is horrible and takes up way too much real estate, particularly when Tillers’ friends’ rep is continually changing and clogging up the screen. I don’t mind the message, but that huge ribbon on either side of it has *got* to go!

    • papasol  says:

      There is currently no setting to remove the original TitanRep Icon from messages. This is a feature that can be implemented in a future build.

  • papasol  says:

    My next update for TitanRep is still in the works and it’s coming along nicely. It tackles some of the ongoing bugs we’ve discovered in the past as well as completely incorporates the faction-based changes Blizzard made to the Reputation system in MoP as well as allot of code clean up and optimization. Here is a snippet of what’s already working in my internal alpha build:

    – Converted “Guild” check to use factionIDs. Eliminates common problems with non-english clients continuously reverting to guild rep being displayed.
    – Added Tooltip scaling functionality in the Tooltip Options section, default is 80% which is 20% smaller than previous versions. This effects all GameTooltip calls everywhere.
    – Optimized right click menu code to generate less garbage in memory from throw away tables.
    – Added Titan Panel Right-Side plugin support to Button Options menu
    – Added “Minimal” display option to Tooltip Options which removes the TitanRep banner and extra spacing in the tooltip display.
    – Cleaned out unecessary end of line semicolon markers, unnecessary blank space and old commented out code
    – Fixing missing CloseDropDownMenus() calls within custom funcions associated with the Right Click menu
    – Fixed issues with Glamour announcements displaying the incorrect standing for Friendships
    – Adjusted Friendship coloring behavior
    – Added Tooltip options for showing/disabling friendships by rank or all frienships within the tooltip.
    – Added “Show Friendships” Button Option, disabling this will disable displaying friendship reputations on the button. (For you friend haters out there)
    – Changed all internal codeing to use factionID instead of factionName. should resolve some erronous checks on non-english clients.
    – Updated announcement code to detect when a new Faction/Frienship is found and fire an announcement
    – Fixed a display issue with the Faction Upgrade/Downgrade Glamour announcement window and updated it to differentiate between friendships and factions

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