WoW 6.x Addon Updates Still Pending

I’ve let my addons hosted on curse get a bit stale. This is mostly due to changes in my occupation within the last year. I do not have as much leisure time as I once did. Although I do enjoy working on these addons and providing tools for the WoW community, they are still a bit of work to code them. It’s unfortunate that this part of my hobbies must suffer. I have not abandoned the majority of them and still have ideas I want to work into many of them. The stars just haven’t aligned correctly for myself to put the effort into them that I would like.

I am first going to be looking into pushing out more fixes for broken functionality. The majority of my addons still work, despite their deprecated state. Some of them have bugs that are more on the annoying side than on the broken side. These will be addressed in the long run, as well as new features. I will be going through them all over the next few days to push out fixes for broken functions. We’ll see where we end up after that as I cannot promise this won’t burn me out.

I’d like to salute those that have stuck with my cobbled together tools even in their less than optimal states. You are the only reason why I care enough to make a post about this and am attempting to push myself. I normally have a selfish philosophy when it comes to my addons. I write them for myself and use them myself. Generally anything beyond that I don’t put much thought into. If I can put up with their current states in Draenor, I don’t see why others cannot.

I will also be trying to push out more regular posts on here as well, as I’ve fallen into the habit of forgetting about the site and it shows. Anyways, thanks for reading and your support.

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  • papasol  says:

    I’m closing in on some extended work for my derelict addons. Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting familiar with Lua and the WoW API. I’ve made contributions to the work of other authors that will be incorporated into future releases in their addons. I won’t get into specifics, but the work I had been doing directly relates to the methodology I’ll be using in the rewrite of Glamour. I’ve already started the fork project for Glamour2 which will eventually replace glamour. It’s not anywhere near ready for an alpha phase yet, but it’s next on my list. I’ve cracked opened the Blizzard AlertFrame code that was previously used to create Glamour and the changes made to the in game AlertFrame make the addon like Glamour much more integrated now. I will be able to call more of the Blizzard code directly this time around instead of having to clone and modify it, then hook into it, to do what I needed. The base Glamour2 addon will include some more built-in functionality that the original Glamour lacked. All in all, we are moving in the right direction for my addon work this expansion. I hope to see an alpha of Glamour2 ready within a week should my health hold up to this tentative deadline.

  • papasol  says:

    Just putting this out there so people know why I still haven’t pushed any updates to my addons. Occupational burn-out. Every time I attempt to delve into this I just stare at the code and can’t wrap my head around it. I’ll get around to it one of these days when things click better for me until then I apologize about the ongoing bugs with them.

  • papasol  says:

    Another week has gone by without any addon updates. It is still on my todo list. I have also starting compiling a list of articles that I want to write for the site. These will likely see more activity than the addons as due to the nature of my job, I cannot work on the addons during down time at work. However, I can push out an article or two when work load permits. I work in the IT field and this is the time of year where sites are being crushed hard by shoppers. This means that workload is high for myself. I will try to get a Warlords of Draenor article out soon, as there is many things that I want to talk about with the expansion. Thanks for your continued patience.

  • Riley Campoverde  says:

    Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this article plus the rest of the site is very good.

  • papasol  says:

    Well my weekend came and went, and I spent most of it in a vomit filled stupor which landed me in the ER. Anyways, this will be moved to next weekend where I can hopefully work in the time I’d like to get some addons updates.

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