6.0.2 Improved Group Finder

World of Warcraft patch 6.0.2 brings a revamped group finder system. You can read more about here:


I commend you Blizzard for making content more accessible to more players and this change is long over due in the franchise. I can’t understand though, in an expansion where you brought World Boss raids back to life that you could possibly neglect adding support for Pandaria world bosses to the new premade group finder. I was very eager for this change as I can’t play as much as I used to and wanted to be able to easily put groups together for the Pandaria World bosses to work on getting their mounts, but alas, another Blizzard update fall short of expectations.  I expected more from you, when you make blanket statements a kin to  “We want to make sure the feature lives up to our own standards.” Did your dev team even consider this? It looks like I will have to put up with more 3rd party tools (open raid) for putting these groups together  in a timely fashion. I was hoping to get away from relying on a 3rd party for doing in-game content. I understand that you have your own ideas and philosophies, but when you announce changes like this and then don’t even take the time to have it compatible with all the content the feature is designed to aid with, I have to /facepalm.

End rant.

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  • papasol  says:

    Yeah, currently in order to Ordos, which is the only world boss people seem to be doing anymore, you have to select a random other raid from the list and then name your group Ordos. It’s really a pretty stupid oversight on their part. They didn’t even put in an “Other” category for players to make up their own custom groups easily.

    The inventory sorting they implemented is also far too simplistic for my tastes. Every other inventory replacement add-on I’ve tried over the years has hands down far more features then the built-in one has now. I’m starting to think that Blizzard’s standard on interface and features is half-assed at best.

  • Savius  says:

    I didn’t get the opportunity or rather I didn’t take the time to fully test the group finder feature on the PTR since noone was ever using it there but if it does in fact omit world bosses then I have to agree with you that it’s yet another failure on Blizzard’s part. If they’re going to attempt to mimic and/or replace an addon then they should at least provide everything the addon does if not more so. On a positive note though, Thrall has a nice new haircut lol and you can manage addons from within the game itself apparently but again I didn’t test that either.

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