Rant :: Abu’Gar The Fishing Death Knight

I’ve ranted and raved about this guy to my guild mates repeatedly. This one really pissed me off. I’ve cooled down enough though to be able to write the rant without using more colourful language (it took a few months). Though, bear in mind, during the process of writing this out, you can be assured that many many words and sentences were rewritten to remove the colourful language still.

If you haven’t gotten Abu’Gar yet. You are in for a surprise.

This guy sits in the shallow water inlets inside of Stonecrag Gorge within the Nagrand zone. He doesn’t have a quest for you until you have collected all his favourite fishing items:

Once you have these items in your inventory, visiting Abu’Gar will reveal a quest. He’s over-joyed that you have found his fishing gear for him and becomes your follower! He packs up his gear and heads to your Garrison. I was pretty stoked about finding him initially. I like to fill my Garrison buildings with their respective workers and the HUT has gone unoccupied for far too long. You can imagine how disappointed I was to discover, once returning to my Garrison, that Abu’Gar doesn’t actually have the trait needed to occupy the HUT (FISHING).

Are you kidding me!?!?! What kind of whacked out logic is this? Provide me a fishing centred quest-line that rewards a follower that doesn’t have the FISHING trait?!?! Now I concede that I didn’t actually have to fish to get him as a follower, but I don’t see that as a valid excuse when the lore around his quest items and the character himself are all based around fishing. He even walks around your Garrison with a fishing pole and fishing hat on, making asinine fishing oriented comments to rub it in like: “I should runeforge my fishing pole.” SHUT UP Abu’Gar! (<– Replace this with many many different yet valid and more colourful phrases if you like. I Know I do!)

I don’t know when Blizzard decided to make the only follower to operate the HUT be NAT. I’m guessing they didn’t initially intend it to be this way and ended up removing the trait from Abu’Gar but left him in place as he was otherwise a functional follower. This decision, in my opinion, was a rather poor one, of all the crafting oriented buildings in your Garrison, the HUT is the only one that you cannot utilize work orders as an alternative to farming materials with the skill itself. I’m not gonna delve into this in too much detail as I’m planning a full review post for each Garrison structure in own right. But this follower is extremely misleading and left me with the feeling of being cheated. I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling of frustration. I hope Blizzard takes this into consideration with their future plans and makes an effort to keep the lore consistent with game mechanics when ever possible. I for one would have appreciated an alternate source of gaining fish other than fishing and not to be pigeon holed into fishing (a system they’ve admitted for years now needs an overhaul and has never gotten it).


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  • papasol  says:

    LOL that’s just my spell check spelling the word that way. =]

  • Savius  says:

    I found this rant to be highly entertaining and also more sensible than that follower. You’re probably right that Blizzard abandoned the idea of him being a fishing follower which based on his questline would only make sense. The only reasoning I can think of for that is that they’re fucking retarded, I’ll use the colorful(Spell it like an American! Lol.) language for you.

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