World of Warcraft: Delays and Missed Opportunities

Recently Blizzard informed WoW players of various things to come in the upcoming patch 6.1 as well as things that would happen early in the new year. Among these things was the revelation that Blackrock Foundry would miss its original targeted release date of January 27th and instead be pushed back to some time in February. While this may only be a delay of a week or so, it still serves to lessen my faith in Blizzard as a company to deliver on anything they promise or to be able to meet any of their own deadlines or goals.

Blizzard also reneged on their original promise of flying mounts in 6.1, instead opting to delay them further. It is entirely possible that they fully intend for flying mounts to be absent throughout the entire expansion and simply lack the balls to be upfront with their player base about it for fear of losing subs. In any case that is a rant for another time.

What I wish to focus on here is something I noticed recently during a raid that may also be an indicator of Blizzard being pressed for time and missing goals leading to delays and possibly removal of content or scrapped ideas.

Gorian War Council

In the Highmaul instance, before the final encounter with Imperator Mar’gok, there is a trash pack of 5 mobs with unique names all bearing the title of “Gorian War Council”. Each of them appear to have unique mechanics. A couple are held by tanks, while one seems to blink around and casts a point-blank aoe ability that requires you to move away from  him. Meanwhile another fixates on a random target with a spell called arcane torrent that does splash damage to players within a specified range.

While this raid has quite a few trash packs that act as mini-bosses before their actual boss, the overall design of the Gorian War Council lead me to believe that perhaps Blizzard intended for this to be another encounter utilizing the same room the final boss encounter takes place in. To achieve this all they would have to do is lock the final boss from being engaged until this encounter was completed similar to how Twin Ogrons are not accessible until their trash is cleared. The Gorian War Council had the potential to serve as an extra boss and would’ve given us the typical council fight we have grown accustomed to. It also would’ve served as a final gatekeeper before facing Imperator which would’ve made the recent race for world first much less messy with the optional bosses not being necessary to reach the final boss.

I can’t help but feel that Blizzard dropped the ball here and this was a pretty big missed opportunity by them which makes me wonder just how pressed for time were they and how rushed was this expansion’s release?

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  • Savius  says:

    I’m sure there’s probably plenty of other stuff that I overlooked but this one stood out to me specifically one day especially with how the world first race went down and the whole optional bosses silliness. I don’t think I’d believe them if they told me that this trash pack wasn’t a scrapped boss fight that they didn’t have time to finish. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to see how polished the next few raids appear, especially Blackrock Foundry with them pushing it back to February.

  • papasol  says:

    I too have been noticing quite a few things this expansion that seem unfinished presenting the feel that things were rushed. I don’ t have any specifics off-hand to mention, but it does seem like a re-occurring motif these days.

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