Suggestion :: Rested XP Bonus

Long have the denizens of Azeroth been able to take advantage of the Rested XP Bonus mechanic. This feature is designed to reward players who log out of the game, or park themselves in an Inn/Major city for a few hours. It encourages you to log off the World of Warcraft or at-least helps you catch up for lost game time when you have to be off-line for whatever reason.

I’ve always found this concept a great feature, but I don’t think it goes far enough. We should be encouraged to take breaks from the game from time to time. Lets face it some of us play more than is good for us. I think the off-line bonuses that are given to a player of a never ending game like WOW should be much stronger as well as apply to more aspects of the game than just leveling up, since leveling up is only a mere fraction of the time spent on the game. It’s never a bad idea to encourage players to log off for a few hours and a strong enough bonus/reward here can do just that. You might find players are less irritable over time if they spend less consecutive hours in the game. I have some suggestions I wanted to throw out there to improve this system to help encourage players to spend a little more time doing something else.

  • Currency Bonus Gains (Gold/Honor/Reputation/anything awarded from kills) :: Consume a portion of rested XP to increase these gains from killing monsters, functioning nearly identical to how the system already works with experience.
  • LFG Queue Position Priority :: Consume a large portion of rested XP (33%) and place the character at the head of the LFG queue. This allows a character with full rested accumulation three quick dungeon runs if they like.
  • LFR Queue Position Priority :: Consume a very large portion of rested XP  (75%) and place the character at the head of the LFR queue. This would let a character who’s been off for a significant amount of time spent a large portion of their rested XP to get into LFR if they choose.
  • Flight Path Speed Bonus ::  Increase flight path speed on rested characters proportionate to the amount of rested XP accumulated (double flight path speed at fully rested and scale downward.
  • Hearthstone Cooldown Bonuses :: Decrease the Hearthstone cooldown on rested characters by 5 minutes for every 20% of  the rested XP cap with a minimum Hearthstone CD of 5m.
  • Crafting Cool Down Bonuses :: Consume a portion of rested XP to increase the return of trade skills recipes that have a long cooldown.
  • Gathering Bonuses :: Consume a portion of rested XP when harvesting minerals, herbs, fragments or leather (cloth for tailors) to increase the yield of these objects. Additionally reduce the time needed to gather these nodes when expending rested XP on them.
  • Pet Battle Capture Bonuses :: Consume a portion of rested XP to increase the success chance of trapping a pet during a pet battle.
  • Garrison Missions :: Reduce the duration of missions by consuming rested XP after launching the mission.

I don’t think any of these suggestions individually would break the game, I think they would merely help players do the aspects of the game they enjoy without being concerned about being unable to login to the game for longer periods of time. Well that’s pretty much my thoughts on the subject. Something I’ve always considered in my head over the years, I just decided to put it down in outline format. I hope you enjoyed my pondering on the topic.

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