Pet Battles :: Leveling Pets in Draenor

If you’re like my husband, Mr. Sol, you’ve had a sudden nagging desire to level pets because a Menagerie opened up in your Garrison. However, you only have a handful of pets at max level and Serr’ah has so many cool things to buy with the new pet currency, Pet Charm!

Here’s my tips on getting to those Pet Charms ASAP!

I have found that Vesharr in Spires of Arak is the easiest pet battle to win against in Dreanor while being able to level a pet. (Don’t forget to purchase the 2 pets he has for sale once you beat him)


If you’re feeling a bit adventurous head over to Frostfire Ridge to find Gargra & her pups


Don’t have any pets to level 25? Getting your first team to 25 is the hardest part. I would suggest making a team with the pets mentioned here so that you can eventually use these daily pet battles to level other pets. These dailies give a good amount of exp (depending on your pets level) so it’s really worth it to take advantage. The other great thing about doing the Dreanor pet battles is you can get x4 Pet Charm per daily. I would suggest buying Pet Treat and Lesser Pet Treat from Serr’ah in your Menagerie to give you a +75% exp bonus while leveling your pet friends.

A wonderful site I always use to help me with pet battle knowledge is

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