World of Warcraft: Heroic Blackrock Foundry – Oregorger First Kill Analysis

After a few wipes from dealing with a moderate learning curve, my guild was able to successfully defeat Heroic Oregorger, the second boss in the Blackrock Foundry raid instance. I thought the fight was relatively simple but also enjoyable. I’m not sure how it will work on Mythic but on Normal/Heroic, it does not seem like a tedious encounter but it is mechanical enough to challenge and frustrate some groups and will take a few attempts for most groups before they successfully kill and master the encounter.

I made a mistake in the video when referencing the boss’ Acid Torrent ability. I say that it targets the tank but that is not actually how it works. It targets a random ranged member and one of the tanks must position themselves to be the first to absorb the initial shot which will in turn reduce the damage the ranged stack takes based on the tanks damage reduction/absorption effects.

In any case you can watch the video of my analysis of the fight down below.

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