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Useless White Items Return

Well today Blizzard patched the game and one of the changes was to remove the requirement of white quality items as a base for legendary crafting recipes. This does resolve my issue of having to hunt monotonously for high quality white items and frees up a stash space for holding onto more legendary items but I’m not satisfied. I rather enjoyed the prospect of superior quality crafted legendary items by starting with a superior quality base item. The fix put in place today, in my opinion, is not a very creative solution to the problems the system presented. It does fix the negative aspects of the issue, but sacrifices the benefits the system had put into play. It now also leaves white quality items as useless again.

I hope there are plans down the road to bring back a use for high quality ...

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High Quality White Items

The biggest issue I currently have with crafting legendary is hunting down the white items required for each recipe. I do like that you need them, but I’m not entirely happy with having to hunt them down. I often wonder why these base items do not have their own recipes from the smith. The best legendary items you can craft are crafted using high quality base items. If you are anything like me, you will not waste a crafting attempt on a legendary with a mediocre base item. This starts to get frustrating as it can takes hours upon hours to find an adequate item relying entirely on RNG from weapon/armor wracks and other sources in the world. All of these items break down into a common quality component for crafting...

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Benefits of Charming Monsters

I’ve learned over the past several weeks that the effect of “Charming” a monster is quite potent. There are things I’ve noticed about the ability that I never really considered before until I saw them in play. In most cases charm is better then a stun, preventing a monster from attacking you or your allies for a period of time. It often lasts longer than stun, which was my first argument for using it over stuns when given the option. That aside, here are some of the  other interesting behaviors I noticed with charmed monsters in Reaper of Souls. These are merely observations that I’ve seen happen at-least once. I will update them as I am able to prove/disprove them.

  • No Mob Skills/Abilities: Monsters that are charmed, no longer perform skills while charmed...
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Quest for Paragon(500)

Today I reached Paragon 340. I have a personal goal to reach Paragon 500 in Reaper of Souls. I was disappointed when D3 originally released without a Paladin class, as it’s my preferred class in almost every game I play. I settled for playing a Monk prior to the announcement of the Crusader being added to the expansion. I have since been playing only the Crusader.  I am enjoying the new legendary items this expansion brings. I especially enjoy the ones that change the way you play. I’ve gone through several incarnations of builds and gear these past 250 levels. I am currently butchering Torment(2) with my Maximus and working on getting my 3 piece set bonus for the new Cain’s set for extra experience and magic find...

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Expanding Site Content

It’s been weeks since I’ve posted anything useful about WoW, this is because I haven’t been playing WoW. I’ve been hitting the new Reaper of Souls Paragon system pretty hard lately which keeps me away from thinking about WoW specifically. In all likelihood, I will not return to posting WoW content until the new expansion. In the mean-time I’ve decided to expand the content of this blog to include any and all games that I play and wish to post information on. I have been working to incorporate different themes into the website so that when viewing content for a game, the theme of the site will adjust to represent the game in question. I plan on putting out some Diablo 3 content in the near future as it is where my mind is focused...

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