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Gargra :: Frostfire Ridge

Gargra‘s Team:

Team A:


  1. Leveling pet :: Use Any Skill
  2. Once you’ve got your hit in swap to Darkmoon Zeppelin.
  3. Start with [3][Decoy] and just keep hitting those pups with [1][Missles] until your Darkmoon Zeppelin is down.
  4. Swap to Menagerie Custodian once Darkmoon Zeppelin dies.
  5. [1][Zap] until last pup enters battle.
  6. [2][Shock & Awe] and blow him up with your [3][Io...
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Vesharr :: Spires of Arak


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Pet Battles :: Leveling Pets in Draenor Part 2

I have spent the last few days busting my balls to get the achievement AWFULLY BIG ADVENTURE finished. This achievement essentially teaches you how to beat pet masters with only 2 pets. RNG can play a big part in some of these fights, but I have learned that most pet masters can be easily beaten with a leveling pet (or in my case a worthless plushie that only looks cute.)

This has forced me to take a closer look at the other pet masters around Dreanor. I was excited to discover SHADOWMOON! As she has a worthless plushie of her own making her an easy daily for those PETCHARMS we love so much.

If you missed my last post, you can find information on FROSTRIDGE & ARAK >>>HERE<<< Here’s to hoping RNG is on your side as it is most definitely never on mine. ):


  • Team:
    • Any Whelp with ...
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Pet Battles :: Leveling Pets in Draenor

If you’re like my husband, Mr. Sol, you’ve had a sudden nagging desire to level pets because a Menagerie opened up in your Garrison. However, you only have a handful of pets at max level and Serr’ah has so many cool things to buy with the new pet currency, Pet Charm!

Here’s my tips on getting to those Pet Charms ASAP!

I have found that Vesharr in Spires of Arak is the easiest pet battle to win against in Dreanor while being able to level a pet. (Don’t forget to purchase the 2 pets he has for sale once you beat him)


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