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Heroes of the Storm: Closed Beta Begins

Yesterday was the start of the closed beta phase of Heroes of the Storm testing. Normally I would go over the patch notes and highlight some of the more notable changes but since I am not currently playing the game and can’t really be bothered I won’t be going into any detail. For those interested in learning more you can read the official patch notes here. For those of you interested in joining the beta, you should check your battlenet account’s games page to see if you have the beta available for download, assuming you had opted in to Heroes beta testing. Good luck and have fun.

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Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha: December 2, 2014 Patch Notes

Today’s patch notes introduces a new assassin to Heroes of the Storm, Jaina Proudmoore. For those unfamiliar with Jaina, she is a mage character from the Warcraft Universe. First appearing in Warcraft 3 as an apprentice of Kirin Tor Archmage Antonidas and childhood friend of future sociopath and Lich King, Arthas Menethil; Jaina has played a fairly significant role in the World of Warcraft story development. While she does not have any major appearances so far in the latest expansion(as far as I know anyway, since I don’t play alliance.) Jaina is still pretty popular amongst fans of the Warcraft Universe. She essentially plays as a frost mage which is right up my alley, though it is yet to be seen how effective she will be as a hero inside of the game.

Aside from the welcome addition of Ja...

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Heroes of the Storm: Blizzcon Overview

During yesterday’s¬†Heroes of the Storm overview, Blizzard revealed information about their plans for the game in the near future. Aside from revealing that closed beta would begin on January 13th 2015, they also revealed that the beta would add 15 times the number of players currently in the tech alpha. They would go on to discuss their plans for implementing a draft mode and ranked play.

For draft mode teams will take turns picking heroes with no duplicate heroes being allowed, meaning if you select a hero for your team, your opponents will not be able to select that same hero...

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Blizzcon 2014 Opening Ceremony

This year’s Blizzcon began today and leading up to it I didn’t really know what to expect. I was hoping to perhaps hear some news about the next WoW expansion but I also knew that while possible, it wasn’t probable. There was no news about WoW’s next expansion but there were quite a few notable pieces of information revealed to Blizzard fans today. I’ll begin by discussing what was probably most relevant to me other than potential WoW information and that would be the news regarding Heroes of the Storm, the game I have been somewhat covering over the last few months. Blizzard announced that closed beta for Heroes of the Storm would begin on January 13th 2015, so for those of you who like myself have yet to receive personal access to the technical alpha, make sure you are opted in to Heroes...

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Heroes of the Storm: Oct, 7th Patch notes

After a brief bit of downtime, Heroes of the Storm servers are back live and you can check out the patch notes here. During this downtime, Blizzard has wiped player accounts and locked players to their respective battlenet regions so if you did not obtain the battlenet info of any friends you made in-game that happen to be from outside of your region then you may have to find another way to contact them and add them again. Players who spent real money on the game to make purchases have had their purchases refunded to their balance. Blizzard is hoping to avoid any future wipes but according to the patch notes all purchases via gold or real money are permanent from this point forward...

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