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SolCraft 2017 :: Sol Returns :: New Site Themes

Hello to all those that have wandered here. I thank you for taking the time to explore my little corner of the online gaming universe. Solcraft has been dead in the water for over a year now. I’ve often reflected on making new posts over that past year but the highly customized theme system that I was using did not work well after certain WordPress updates. This made the site’s functionality take a turn for the worse. I made several attempts to correct the issues with my themes. However, these days I burn out quickly when it comes to trouble shooting and coding. I have finally bitten the bullet and decided to abandon the old layout in favor of a more easily maintained theme system. I will be making some customization to it but nothing to the extent that was in place before...

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Savius Status Update

So…it’s been quite a while since my last post and I’d like to give just a little update as to what I’ve been up to. Since quitting WoW back in March I had mainly moved to playing League of Legends and intended to focus mainly on creating content for that game once I figured how I wanted to present it. Long story short I ended up getting myself banned from that game for being a meanie to people so that will no longer be happening. Since I gave up on/was forced out of League of Legends(Though I still follow the competitive scene), I have been playing various single player games like Evoland 2, Jotun and GTA V. All good games in their own rights and I’d recommend either one of them for people to play...

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Status Update

I’ve been out of touch on the site for a bit over a month now. The winter weather hit me pretty hard made it difficult to do much other than work and try and relax. I’ve been hitting the WoW Pet Battles scene pretty hard and have been working out some new guides for pet leveling. You can expect these to be posted in the next few weeks when I get them formatted for release. I also plan on revisiting the WoW Addons page as some of the addons on that page didn’t survive the 6.1 update and I’ve started using a few more.

Savius has retired from WoW so you won’t see much Raid oriented content on the site with his departure from that scene. But he’s still a major contributor on the site and we can expect some more from him in the future on various games he’s playing...

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End of an Era: Goodbye World of Warcraft

Due to recent events, I have been forced to consider what my future in the World of Warcraft will be. Up to this point, I have enjoyed my time playing the various expansions of WoW and experiencing the PvE content in each one. I have taken breaks before but I have never officially quit the game and never seriously considered it. At this point in time however, I do not feel that the current state of player and guild quality in the game are conducive to the overall way I would like to play the game. Outside of perhaps the top guilds in the world, I do not feel that the average player shares my philosophy towards the game and therefore it would be difficult for me to find a raiding atmosphere that I truly enjoy...

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Site Update :: Macros

I created a plugin for the site that will make displaying macro code for posts look and feel more like the macro window within World of Warcraft. I will be slowly retrofitting all old posts to use the new plugin. It comes complete with an easy select all feature that automatically highlights the code upon clicking on the box in question. I’ve included an example below to illustrate the plugin:


/cast [@player] My Spell[/codebox]

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