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World of Warcraft: Heroic Imperator Mar’gok

My World of Warcraft guild recently got our first kill on Heroic Imperator Mar’gok. I recorded the encounter and made a video featuring a bit of commentary and analysis in an attempt to help myself and others improve our execution and overall performance on the encounter. You can check out the video here.


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Player Tip :: Leveraging Guild Banners

Guild Banners have been around for a few expansions now. Introduced along with Guild Perks back in Cataclysm. These handy little tools are worth carrying on your characters. In the past these items were a tad on the expensive side. However, with the re-introduction of Gold as a primary end game resource in Warlord of Draenor, the cost is easily obtainable with today’s end game content.

You can buy these from your friendly neighbourhood Guild Vendors, their cost depends on the quality of the item as well as your reputation level with the guild. Players exalted with their guilds get the best prices. Your guild must have also completed the achievement associated with each banner, in order to unlock access to it. This should not be an issue for any guilds that have been around for a while...

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Player Tip :: Horde :: Frostwolf Shamanstones

Those of you familiar with Frost Fire Ridge questing are likely familiar with Frostwolf Shamanstones already. But I do like to be thorough so I’ll gloss over them.

Early during your quest progression through Frostfire Ridge, you are assisting the Frostwolf Orcs and a key component to this is dealing with Farseer Drek’Thar.You will be introduced to Shamanstones when you reach Wor’Gol from the quest Honor Has Its Rewards, which provides you with one of six permanent zone wide buffs to choose from. As you discover each Shamanstone on the map the buffs that stone provides is added to the list to choose from. You can select any buff you’ve discovered by visiting any Frostwolf Shamanstone on the map. The three most common ones that players learn about through regular game play are:

  • Garrison S...
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Player Tip :: Daily Fishing Eggs

If you have your Fishing Shack structure in your Garrison then you are probably already aware of the daily fishing quests and are familiar with how they work, but I’ll summarize them regardless so everyone can follow along:

  • Each day you get a random daily quest asking for x10 eggs for a specific kind of Draenor fish. Example: Blackwater Whiptail
  • To obtain these eggs you need to catch enough of the appropriate size fish to gut and clean them.
  • If you have this quest in your log gutting and cleaning the fish will produce a randomized amount of the appropriate eggs.
  • Once you have 10 or more eggs you turn them in at your Fishing shack for your rewards.

One thing you might have noticed is: If you have more eggs in your inventory than are needed, the quest will consume them all...

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Player Tip :: Bodyguard Reputation Power Grind

I just wanted to throw out a quick tip for those of you interested in power leveling your Bodyguard reputations. Blizzard will typically hot-fix places where you can easily grind out reps at a faster pace then they expect so I don’t know how long this one will remain around. I’ve not seen anyone else doing this so it’s possible it’s just not well known enough yet. But I like to share and this is something that I personally have been doing with some of my time on Draenor working toward my Wingmen achievement.

Hop a flight path to Talador. The exact flight path is called Exarch’s Refuge, Talador.  I believe this is a neutral flight path so it should be available for either Faction. You will travel directly east away from the camp...

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