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Tree Of Savior Random Thought: Attributes

This will not make any sense to anyone who has not played Tree Of Savior at all or read anything about it, however I will try to explain what it is I’m talking about. Tree Of Savior, like many other MMORPGs, has a skill system. I mentioned before how some of the classes have core skills that have ridiculously long cooldowns associated with them. What I failed to mention was that the damaging spells and skills appear to have no natural scaling whatsoever. While the main stats provide some improvement to the skills’ damage, they don’t appear to have as much of an impact as one would expect.

With my chronomancer for instance, I wanted to see if a different stat build would provide some sort of benefit in the sp regen department so I tried a more spirit heavy build and went with less intellige...

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Rant :: Abu’Gar The Fishing Death Knight

I’ve ranted and raved about this guy to my guild mates repeatedly. This one really pissed me off. I’ve cooled down enough though to be able to write the rant without using more colourful language (it took a few months). Though, bear in mind, during the process of writing this out, you can be assured that many many words and sentences were rewritten to remove the colourful language still.

If you haven’t gotten Abu’Gar yet. You are in for a surprise.

This guy sits in the shallow water inlets inside of Stonecrag Gorge within the Nagrand zone. He doesn’t have a quest for you until you have collected all his favourite fishing items:

Once you have these items in your inventory, visiting Abu’Gar will reveal a quest...

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Rant :: Enchanting / Item Enhancements / Gems

I’ve been toiling over this one for a while now. I didn’t realize the issue until after I had hit Max level and was trying to optimize my gear. It outraged me to no end, enough so that I’ve refrained from writing about this one until I’ve had time to think about it logically. However, the more I think about it, the more I just don’t get the logic behind it.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the game within a game that is end game gearing. Every raider knew it well. You would hold onto that piece of gear you just earned because, although it was an upgrade. It was not yet optimized and could hurt you more than help you if you put it on as is.

I was over-joyed when I heard Blizzard announce last expansion that Hit and Expertise were going away...

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Rant :: Already Known Rewards

You’ve all experienced this at some point or another. It’s far more prevalent this expansion than any others, likely due to the new Toy Box interface. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about from the title alone, I’ll elaborate.

Since the institution of the Account Bound interfaces (Pet Journal, Mount Journal and Toy Box), players find themselves in situations, where they have completed a quest/achievement or treasure object on one character only to discover that on another character, the reward has absolutely no purpose. Blizzard for some reason decided, in an expansion that returns Gold as a primary end game resource, that SOME (mind you this isn’t true for all rewards) don’t deserve to have a sell value attached to them...

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World of Warcraft: Delays and Missed Opportunities

Recently Blizzard informed WoW players of various things to come in the upcoming patch 6.1 as well as things that would happen early in the new year. Among these things was the revelation that Blackrock Foundry would miss its original targeted release date of January 27th and instead be pushed back to some time in February. While this may only be a delay of a week or so, it still serves to lessen my faith in Blizzard as a company to deliver on anything they promise or to be able to meet any of their own deadlines or goals.

Blizzard also reneged on their original promise of flying mounts in 6.1, instead opting to delay them further...

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