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Normalize Ventrilo

I’ve used Ventrilo as a form of inter-guild communication for years now. Anyone who knows me, or has been on vent with me for any length of time has probably heard me yapping at somebody or another about normalizing their vent settings. It is one of the single best things you can do to your vent client to help combat the problem of some people being too loud and some people being too quiet. It’s not an end all fix all for this issue, but it will cut down the amount of problems you have with other players input. There are other guides on the net for doing this exact thing, but I wanted to put together my own, with pictures to illustrate just how simple of a task this is.

1. Open Ventrilo and click setup

2. Enable Direct Sound and Select the SFX Button



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WinAuth – Authenticator Clone


I’ve been using WinAuth on my Desktop for some time now to help manage my authenticator. It is a great open source tool which mimics the behavior of the bnet authenticator mobile app but remains confined to your computer. Once you are required to provide an authenticator code to your account, simply open WinAuth, right click and select copy code. Then paste the code into the appropriate form field where it is required. Over time WinAuth has grown to now incorporate many other common online authenticators. Including other games and more will likely be added in the future. I encourage all my friends and family members to secure their accounts with an authenticator and this software provide a free and easy way to accomplish it.

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