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Suggestion :: Rested XP Bonus

Long have the denizens of Azeroth been able to take advantage of the Rested XP Bonus mechanic. This feature is designed to reward players who log out of the game, or park themselves in an Inn/Major city for a few hours. It encourages you to log off the World of Warcraft or at-least helps you catch up for lost game time when you have to be off-line for whatever reason.

I’ve always found this concept a great feature, but I don’t think it goes far enough. We should be encouraged to take breaks from the game from time to time. Lets face it some of us play more than is good for us...

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Hearthstone: Turn Timer Suggestion

This is my first post about Hearthstone and it probably won’t be too informative as that isn’t my aim. This is more of a rant and it has to do with the turn timer. I am not the first person to express issue with the length of the turn timer in this game and I likely won’t be the last. Also I’m aware that this probably isn’t the best place to go about  making this suggestion but as I stated I am sure it has already been suggested to Blizzard a few times over. Currently when it is a player’s turn, they have a maximum of 90 seconds to make a play before the timer runs out and their turn ends...

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