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Tree Of Savior: Korean Open Beta

I haven’t been playing much Tree Of Savior since my last post as the issues I have with the current state of the beta still persist though from what I hear from others that are playing at the higher levels, it doesn’t really get much better. That being said, I’m still rather interested in the game’s development as I believe it has the potential to be a very good game should the developers make the correct decisions and make up for a few of their poorer choices. Recently the game’s developer released a trailer and announced plans for a Korean open beta set to begin sometime in December. If we are to assume that the trend will stay constant then we can expect an international open beta to follow a month or two afterwards...

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Tree Of Savior Random Thought: Attributes

This will not make any sense to anyone who has not played Tree Of Savior at all or read anything about it, however I will try to explain what it is I’m talking about. Tree Of Savior, like many other MMORPGs, has a skill system. I mentioned before how some of the classes have core skills that have ridiculously long cooldowns associated with them. What I failed to mention was that the damaging spells and skills appear to have no natural scaling whatsoever. While the main stats provide some improvement to the skills’ damage, they don’t appear to have as much of an impact as one would expect.

With my chronomancer for instance, I wanted to see if a different stat build would provide some sort of benefit in the sp regen department so I tried a more spirit heavy build and went with less intellige...

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Additional Tree Of Savior Beta Keys

For those of you who may have been a little too late to sign up for the Tree Of Savior beta, IMC Games announced this morning that they will be allowing more players to sign up until midnight on November 6th. The keys are not guaranteed this time and will instead be given out at random. Sign ups are easy and only require a Google or Facebook account to register. Again for anyone still interested you can now once again sign up for a chance to receive a beta key so head over to and register.



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Tree Of Savior iCBT2 Initial Impressions

Last week the second International Closed Beta Test for Tree Of Savior kicked off to the excitement of a lot of former RO players that weren’t able to participate in the first international test. I was one of those excited players even though I was able to play a little bit of the first test. That being said I want to talk a little bit about what my experience with the game has been so far.

First and foremost the game looks and sounds great. It has an art style very reminiscent of Ragnarok Online which is one of the reasons many people were drawn to it, as well as the soundtrack being provided by Soundtemp who also did the music for Ragnarok Online so if you like RO music I think you’ll be pleased with the sounds of Tree Of Savior...

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