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Overwatch Beta Test Weekend

For anyone interested in Blizzard’s upcoming shooter, don’t forget that the first beta test weekend starts today and runs until Monday. Remember that it is a stress test and there is a high possibility that there will be a good deal of lag as well as some server instability as Blizzard tests their Overwatch server hardware. If you are willing to endure those potential issues and are a fan of Quake¬†like shooters, I think you will have a pretty good time as the game looks to be really fun and fast paced with a lot of people comparing it to Quake. I will be trying the game a bit myself and possibly streaming some of my gameplay. I will post my initial thoughts later.




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Macro: Assisting off your Pet


[codebox]#showtooltip Cobra Shot
/cast [exists,harm,nodead] Cobra Shot
/cast [@pettarget,exists,harm] Cobra Shot[/codebox]

This Macro is more of a macro philosophy when playing my hunter than a specific macro. It uses conditionals to redirect my shot (in this case Cobra Shot) onto my pets target in the event my target goes away. This is most useful when soloing and fighting multiple monsters at once. When your pet is on Defensive, it will continue to attack mobs that attacking you so when your primary target dies or vanishes your button press is immediately applied to whatever your pet is attacking instead of being wasted. Simply replace Cobra Shot with whatever other shots you wanna apply this logic to.

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