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New Addons Page

I’ve added an Addons┬ápage where I will be spot-lighting some of my favorite addons. It’s still under construction, but I’ve got a good start on the page, enough so that It was better to release it than leave it hidden and not utilized. I’ll be updating that page more over time. You can see it along with the other site pages along the top. I hope you guys find an addon or two from the list that you want to try out.

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WoW 6.x Addon Updates Still Pending

I’ve let my addons hosted on curse get a bit stale. This is mostly due to changes in my occupation within the last year. I do not have as much leisure time as I once did. Although I do enjoy working on these addons and providing tools for the WoW community, they are still a bit of work to code them. It’s unfortunate that this part of my hobbies must suffer. I have not abandoned the majority of them and still have ideas I want to work into many of them. The stars just haven’t aligned correctly for myself to put the effort into them that I would like.

I am first going to be looking into pushing out more fixes for broken functionality. The majority of my addons still work, despite their deprecated state. Some of them have bugs that are more on the annoying side than on the broken side...

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Titan Reputation Updated for 6.0.2

I’ve pushed out two new version of Titan Reputation tonight. These are mainly long standing bugs that are now fixed.

If you are unfamiliar with my addons, they are all listed on my projects page on

Version 3.8.5

  • Added 30 Second delay to Alerts, this prevents the New Faction Discovered announcement spam when logging in or switching toons.

Version 3.8.6

  • Fixed: “Session Summary” data not displaying in tooltip.
  • Tweak: “Session Summary” each faction is now indented in the tooltip.
  • Tweak: “Session Summary” each faction is now shows perHour and perMinute stats.
  • Tweak: “Session Summary” header and session duration will only show if there is a faction reputation gain in the current session.
  • Tweak: “Show Exalted Total” is now always the last line of the tooltip when enabled.

I’m not f...

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Back to World of Warcraft

Well I just thought I’d drop this status update because it has been forever since I’ve posted. I’ve had the itch to play WOW for months now. Steff and I have finally dusted off our accounts and started playing again this weekend. There still aren’t any changes in place since we left earlier this year, but things should start happening on there soon with the expansion imminent. This will also mean all my neglected addons will be seeing updates in the near future as well. I already have a list of changes I need to make on a few of the more popular ones. Adapting them to the latest incarnation of Blizzard’s addon api will be interesting. ┬áReturning to WOW will also give me the kick in the butt I needed to become more active on SolCraft as well...

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Titan Reputation Updated for 5.4

Titan Reputation finally received an update this week. It has been a long while since it was touched and is a well over-due compatibility fix for friendships that were added to the game this expansion. I am working on several other updates to Titan Reputation and my other addons but this one is the first on my list to get updated for the users that like this long running Reputation plugin for Titan Panel. If you are unfamiliar with the addon, you might wanna check it out:

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