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Player Tip :: Horde :: Frostwolf Shamanstones

Those of you familiar with Frost Fire Ridge questing are likely familiar with Frostwolf Shamanstones already. But I do like to be thorough so I’ll gloss over them.

Early during your quest progression through Frostfire Ridge, you are assisting the Frostwolf Orcs and a key component to this is dealing with Farseer Drek’Thar.You will be introduced to Shamanstones when you reach Wor’Gol from the quest Honor Has Its Rewards, which provides you with one of six permanent zone wide buffs to choose from. As you discover each Shamanstone on the map the buffs that stone provides is added to the list to choose from. You can select any buff you’ve discovered by visiting any Frostwolf Shamanstone on the map. The three most common ones that players learn about through regular game play are:

  • Garrison S...
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