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Player Tip :: Leveraging Guild Banners

Guild Banners have been around for a few expansions now. Introduced along with Guild Perks back in Cataclysm. These handy little tools are worth carrying on your characters. In the past these items were a tad on the expensive side. However, with the re-introduction of Gold as a primary end game resource in Warlord of Draenor, the cost is easily obtainable with today’s end game content.

You can buy these from your friendly neighbourhood Guild Vendors, their cost depends on the quality of the item as well as your reputation level with the guild. Players exalted with their guilds get the best prices. Your guild must have also completed the achievement associated with each banner, in order to unlock access to it. This should not be an issue for any guilds that have been around for a while...

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Macros :: Paladin :: @Mouseover

There are plenty of classes and abilities that can take advantage of a decent @mouseover macro. Pretty much any ranged ability works well with it, but it works on any ability that requires a target. The way these macros work is like so:

  • The ability in the macro is fired at the target sitting underneath your mouse, no need to actually click to change targets.
  • If there is not a valid target under your mouse, then the ability is fired at your current target.
  • Special Note: There is no way to do a range check in a macro, so if the target under your mouse is a valid target but not in range, then you will simply get out of range errors and the ability will not fire at your current target...
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Macro: Vanish


  • Stealth or Vanish :
    /cast [nocombat] Stealth; Vanish[/codebox]

This is my vanish macro I use on my rogue. It uses a conditional to check for combat before vanishing, If not in combat than Stealth is used and Vanish is saved for when it’s needed. This is helpful in those situation where you are going in and out of combat repeatedly so you don’t waste your vanish cool down when you don’t need to.

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Macro: Tranquilizing Shot


[codebox]#showtooltip Tranquilizing Shot
/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm,nodead] Tranquilizing Shot
/cast [exists,harm] Tranquilizing Shot

Similar to my other Hunter macros, this one forces the character to stop all actions including Cobra Shot and immediately fire Tranquilizing Shot. The /cast conditional make the shot prioritize the mob under your mouse cursor before falling back to using your primary target. I find this style of macro useful for the purpose of de-enraging monsters that might not be my primary target. Stopping all attacks is a precaution on this macro for those events where you might not want to attack monsters right away after tranquilizing them.

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Macro: Counter Shot


[codebox]#showtooltip Counter Shot
/cast [harm] Counter Shot

I found myself unable to use Counter Shot effectively in instances where my toon was already busy casting something that isn’t easily broken out of, like Cobra Shot. Adding this logic to my Counter Shot button now forces my toon out of whatever it may be stuck doing and instantly fires the Counter Shot before resuming auto attacks.

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