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Paladin clcinfo configs

I run the addon CLCINFO for assisting with my Paladin Prot/Ret rotations and displaying cooldowns in a fashion that I like. If you would like to see a small video displaying my clcinfo configuration in action visit here. For those that wish to use my configuration as is or just as a base for their own clcinfo configuration, I’ll include my template import strings here and some instructions as to how to apply the configs to your installation of clcinfo.

  • To get started first you’ll need to install the clcinfo addon from the link I posted above and restart your wow client to make the addon active.
  • Once you have logged into WoW with CLCINFO active, type /clcinfo
  • Click on the Templates category
  • Click Add Template button, a new template item will appear in the templates list.
  • Click on the newly...
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Retribution Paladin CLCINFO Template

This post stores the CLCINFO Template Import String for my Retribution Paladin config. Click the clipboard button below to copy the import string, then paste it into a template import field in your clcinfo config within WoW.

It appears that the copy to clipboard tool I’m using to store this template code is broken. I am working on a solution

Version History:
Release 1.0

  • Initial Release

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