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Rant :: Daily Cool Down Mechanic

It’s long been a gating technique in WoW we’re all familiar with. Blizzard puts a daily cool down on certain things so that you cannot farm them continuously. I’ve always had a problem with this mechanic as it punishes those players that don’t have time to login every day. Even those that do have the time to invest in this manner, it starts to feel mandatory that these tasks must be done every day or you’ll lose it. This is most prominent in the crafting world these days. Each profession has two daily CDs they must do every day to eventually be able to craft the items they are looking for. This has been slightly amended with the introduction of Garrison Profession buildings which can produce the same item at a more frequent yet controlled interval...

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Recipe Aquisition Feels like A Punishment

I’d like to kick off my first post regarding the WoD Expansion changes by talking about a grievous oversight with the state of Recipe Acquisition for learning the WoD recipes for your preferred profession. I’m no novice when it comes to the crafting world. I’ve been delighted by most of the profession changes with each new expansion, but this one definitely missed the mark. However, that’s a topic for another post regarding profession changes in general...

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Archaeology Rant

I have to say, I am a bit upset with the archaeology secondary skill. I commend Blizzard for some of the quality of life changes that they have made to the profession, but they clearly have not gone far enough. On the grand scale of things, I play quite allot more than a casual player. I have much pity for those casual players who attempt to use this profession to gain anything other than random stuff they most likely will never use. I, like many veteran players, have a main toon that I’ve played throughout the years. When achievements were added to the game, I enjoyed many hours of game play building up my achievements on my main toon. I endured the initial phase of archaeology, gallantly chasing after troll dig sitesĀ  in order to get the coveted Zin’Rokh, Destroyer of Worlds...

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