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World of Warcraft: Heroic Blackrock Foundry – Oregorger First Kill Analysis

After a few wipes from dealing with a moderate learning curve, my guild was able to successfully defeat Heroic Oregorger, the second boss in the Blackrock Foundry raid instance. I thought the fight was relatively simple but also enjoyable. I’m not sure how it will work on Mythic but on Normal/Heroic, it does not seem like a tedious encounter but it is mechanical enough to challenge and frustrate some groups and will take a few attempts for most groups before they successfully kill and master the encounter.

I made a mistake in the video when referencing the boss’ Acid Torrent ability. I say that it targets the tank but that is not actually how it works...

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World of Warcraft : Heroic Blackrock Foundry – Gruul Analysis Video

Blackrock Foundry opened yesterday and my guild journeyed inside to try our hand at some heroic bosses. We managed to down Gruul after a few tries. Here is my analysis of our performance on the fight.

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Mythic Twin Ogrons First Kill Analysis

After downing Mythic Kargath a couple of weeks back, my guild began work on Mythic Twin Ogrons. After approximately 37 wipes, we finally managed to down them a couple of nights ago. I have once again done an analysis of the first kill and posted the video here if you’d like to check it out or you can watch it down below as well. We are currently working on Brackenspore and in keeping with the trend, once that boss falls you can look forward to an analysis video of that encounter as well.

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World of Warcraft: Mythic Kargath Analysis Video

My guild recently achieved our first kill of Mythic Kargath in Highmaul and I have made another video analyzing the fight. Hopefully you find this video helpful in your attempts to down this boss. Check it out and let me know what you guys think.

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Pet Battles :: Leveling Pets in Draenor

If you’re like my husband, Mr. Sol, you’ve had a sudden nagging desire to level pets because a Menagerie opened up in your Garrison. However, you only have a handful of pets at max level and Serr’ah has so many cool things to buy with the new pet currency, Pet Charm!

Here’s my tips on getting to those Pet Charms ASAP!

I have found that Vesharr in Spires of Arak is the easiest pet battle to win against in Dreanor while being able to level a pet. (Don’t forget to purchase the 2 pets he has for sale once you beat him)


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