Benefits of Charming Monsters

I’ve learned over the past several weeks that the effect of “Charming” a monster is quite potent. There are things I’ve noticed about the ability that I never really considered before until I saw them in play. In most cases charm is better then a stun, preventing a monster from attacking you or your allies for a period of time. It often lasts longer than stun, which was my first argument for using it over stuns when given the option. That aside, here are some of the  other interesting behaviors I noticed with charmed monsters in Reaper of Souls. These are merely observations that I’ve seen happen at-least once. I will update them as I am able to prove/disprove them.

  • No Mob Skills/Abilities: Monsters that are charmed, no longer perform skills while charmed. They only perform melee attacks, with the exception of archers, who perform their standard ranged attacks. Skills (arcane sentry, plagued, frozen bombs, etc) and special attacks (Pestilences underground attack, Demonic Tremors destroying walls, abilities unique to the monster type) are no longer performed while charmed. However, if a monster has already begun the attack prior to the charm landing, these abilities will still be cast as if the enemy cast them and will still damage you and yours minions. The upside to this is even though the minion is still casting the ability as an enemy it will count itself as a target and take any incidental damage from those attacks as if it were a target.
  • Skill/Ability Damage Immunity: Monsters that are charmed become immune to most damage from other monsters skills/abilities. This is likely to prevent charm from being extremely deadly. It appears, however, that the status effects of these abilities are still applied, only the damage portion of the abilities are ignored.
  • Desecrator/Plagued: When all remaining monsters with these affixes change allegiance, their ground pools immediately disappear from the field as if they were all destroyed. Example: Champion pack with 5 members have plagued affix, you kill off 3 of them and charm 2 of them. Once the two remaining monsters are both charmed, all the pools of plagued on the ground disappear. Once charm wears off, the monsters begin casting new pools again.
  • Electrified: this affix is disabled on charmed monsters and will no longer produce electricity when hit by your or enemy attacks.
  • Fast: These minions retain their increases speed and aspd while charmed. I’ve seen a naturally fast champion with fast affix, destroy more than half it’s horde of minions within a single 8 second charm from extremely fast melee attacks.
  • Fire Chains: Charmed monsters will no longer link a chain with enemy monsters.
  • Frozen:  Charmed monsters do not receive damage from frost bombs that explode near them. However, they will receive the frozen status affect. Charmed monsters will be hit by frost bombs they previously cast just prior to their charming.
  • Illusionist: This affix is disabled on charmed monsters and will no longer produce clones. Individual clones themselves can also be charmed.
  • Jailer: This affix is disabled on charmed monsters. Enemy monsters with Jailer will target charmed monsters as well as the rest of your allies.
  • Knockback: This affix is disabled after charm.
  • Molten: Charm is cancelled upon death, this means the explosion that occurs when killing these mobs will still kill you.
  • Mortar/Nightmarish/Shield/Teleporter: These affixes are disabled once charmed.
  • Vortex: This is affix can still be triggered after being charmed and periodically will draw in all enemies on the screen.
  • Waller: This affix is disabled after being charmed. This will prevent new walls being formed by the charmed minion and their old walls will expire as normal.

In conclusion, I feel that Charm is an exceptional ability to have. Many different runes to many different skills add charming effects as well as some legendaries. I would suggest that when evaluating an item or skill change you take greater consideraton for using charm. It can be quite potent as both a surival and damaging mechanic.

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