Heroes of the Storm Upcoming Patch Changes

Heroes developers announced today a few of the changes being addressed in an upcoming patch for Heroes of the Storm. This patch includes changes to the player progression system as well as changes to rewards given for completing daily quests and hero quests among other things. What I found particularly interesting was their mention of changes to the post game stat screen. I wanted to address this before but I never got around to doing so.

Screenshot2014-07-11 19_29_54

Currently, the post game screen shows a modest amount of information including experience earned from the game, takedowns(Kills and assists) and deaths, and mechanics. This really does very little for telling the story of what happened during the game especially when you compare it to the information available while in the game itself.

Screenshot2014-07-11 19_45_05 Screenshot2014-07-11 19_45_09

Some may not think this is important as the game has already ended and it’s best to move on while others such as myself believe that there is a lot to be learned by going over the post game stats. This will of course be less of an issue when Blizzard adds replays to the game and makes them available to all players. There is currently a method of viewing replays but it requires a little bit of work.

In any case, according to the blog post it does not appear that Blizzard plans to make massive changes to the post game summary and this is most likely due to replays eventually being built into the game. Nonetheless I am a bit disappointed that I do not have more information readily available to me immediately following a game and hopefully Blizzard remedies this in a future build.

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