End of an Era: Goodbye World of Warcraft

Due to recent events, I have been forced to consider what my future in the World of Warcraft will be. Up to this point, I have enjoyed my time playing the various expansions of WoW and experiencing the PvE content in each one. I have taken breaks before but I have never officially quit the game and never seriously considered it. At this point in time however, I do not feel that the current state of player and guild quality in the game are conducive to the overall way I would like to play the game. Outside of perhaps the top guilds in the world, I do not feel that the average player shares my philosophy towards the game and therefore it would be difficult for me to find a raiding atmosphere that I truly enjoy. This will unfortunately have an impact on the way I contribute to Solcraft as with me leaving WoW, I will no longer be playing a Blizzard product so I will not be able to produce the content that fits the theme of the site. I will keep my eye on Overwatch and will perhaps even consider playing Heroes of the Storm again if Blizzard makes the right choices for those two games. Beyond that I want to say thank you to Sol for giving me the opportunity to contribute here and while I am not quitting Solcraft, with me quitting WoW, we will have to find another way for me to contribute to the site. I would also like to say thank you to all the people I’ve had the pleasure of playing with over all the years and wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Thank you,

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