Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha: December 2, 2014 Patch Notes

Today’s patch notes introduces a new assassin to Heroes of the Storm, Jaina Proudmoore. For those unfamiliar with Jaina, she is a mage character from the Warcraft Universe. First appearing in Warcraft 3 as an apprentice of Kirin Tor Archmage Antonidas and childhood friend of future sociopath and Lich King, Arthas Menethil; Jaina has played a fairly significant role in the World of Warcraft story development. While she does not have any major appearances so far in the latest expansion(as far as I know anyway, since I don’t play alliance.) Jaina is still pretty popular amongst fans of the Warcraft Universe. She essentially plays as a frost mage which is right up my alley, though it is yet to be seen how effective she will be as a hero inside of the game.

Aside from the welcome addition of Jaina to the Heroes roster, there are a number of minor changes to the game including some nerfs to Nova, much to the joy of Nova haters everywhere, though only time will tell if the nerfs will make any overall difference to how overpowered she is presumed to be. Along with the Nova nerfs, there are buffs to other Heroes and minor tweaks and bug fixes. You can read about all the changes in the most recent patch in Blizzard’s Heroes blog located here.

Thanks for reading and good luck on the Nexus.

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