SolCraft 2017 :: Sol Returns :: New Site Themes

Hello to all those that have wandered here. I thank you for taking the time to explore my little corner of the online gaming universe. Solcraft has been dead in the water for over a year now. I’ve often reflected on making new posts over that past year but the highly customized theme system that I was using did not work well after certain WordPress updates. This made the site’s functionality take a turn for the worse. I made several attempts to correct the issues with my themes. However, these days I burn out quickly when it comes to trouble shooting and coding. I have finally bitten the bullet and decided to abandon the old layout in favor of a more easily maintained theme system. I will be making some customization to it but nothing to the extent that was in place before. This should allow the site to survive updates easier, we’ll see.

You can expect to start seeing more content from me on the site and I am thinking about starting up my twitch stream again for those interested. Please stop by again or register an account so you get notifications on new updates. I am doing my best to endure this thing we call life and have so much to share with you all. Hopefully my erratic update practices are not too off putting for those of you who enjoy reading my rants and ramblings. I have many things about Legion that I want to lay out there, hopefully I can keep up the pace of regular updates in the near future.

Thanks again for visiting the site and I hope to keep seeing you all in the future.

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