Status Update

I’ve been out of touch on the site for a bit over a month now. The winter weather hit me pretty hard made it difficult to do much other than work and try and relax. I’ve been hitting the WoW Pet Battles scene pretty hard and have been working out some new guides for pet leveling. You can expect these to be posted in the next few weeks when I get them formatted for release. I also plan on revisiting the WoW Addons page as some of the addons on that page didn’t survive the 6.1 update and I’ve started using a few more.

Savius has retired from WoW so you won’t see much Raid oriented content on the site with his departure from that scene. But he’s still a major contributor on the site and we can expect some more from him in the future on various games he’s playing. Solcraft isn’t devoted to a single game or software company. The Blizzard titles just happen to be the most gaming I do. Once other games start accumulating more and more posts over time. They will be adapted into the site in a more major way like the Big ones on here now: WoW, D3 and HotS. I wanted to personally and publicly thank Savius for all his contributions on the site. You really do some good stuff my friend and I enjoy providing you the platform for putting it out there.

I’m off for now, but I hope to have some new posts soon.

Thank you all for visiting and supporting us.

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