Hearthstone: Turn Timer Suggestion

This is my first post about Hearthstone and it probably won’t be too informative as that isn’t my aim. This is more of a rant and it has to do with the turn timer. I am not the first person to express issue with the length of the turn timer in this game and I likely won’t be the last. Also I’m aware that this probably isn’t the best place to go about  making this suggestion but as I stated I am sure it has already been suggested to Blizzard a few times over. Currently when it is a player’s turn, they have a maximum of 90 seconds to make a play before the timer runs out and their turn ends. As a pretty casual player of the game, I personally feel that this is entirely too much time given for a person to make a play considering the fact you’re already limited by how much mana you have per turn plus what is in your hand that is actually playable. I don’t believe there has ever been a case where someone truly needed the full 90 seconds to take their turn, but there have been many cases where players abuse the amount of time they have to make a move in order to purposely BM(bad manner) their opponents and either frustrate them into quitting or just to simply annoy them because the Bming player knows they have already lost and they are being vindictive against their opponent for beating them(full disclosure, I am guilty of doing this myself against Priest players because FUCK PRIESTS!)

To give an example of why I feel the turn timer is entirely too long I’ll present a scenario that while highly unlikely, is still entirely possible given the mechanics currently in the game. Each player has 90 seconds to make a move as stated, each turn the player gains 1 extra mana that allows them to play cards that have higher costs and are generally more powerful. That being said, lets say that from Turn 1 each player decides to take the full 90 seconds before ending their turn. By the end of Turn 5, 900 seconds have passed(5 turns between 2 players with each taking a full turn if you’re bad at math), that is a total of 15 minutes for 5 turns in a game that Blizzard has said was “fast paced” so hopefully you can see why myself and others would be frustrated that players are allowed to abuse this clock mechanic to BM each other. The BM doesn’t really bother me all that much so much as when I play against someone who clearly has played longer than I have(based on the cards they have or at least they’ve spent more money on the game than I have), yet despite their veteran status, they make moves at a snail’s pace. The game is not so complicated that you need a minute and a half to think about what you’re gonna do with your 2 mana and 4 card hand. On average I have had far more slow-paced games than I have fast paced games and I very much prefer the fast paced games if that isn’t already clear.

The suggestion here as I said is not my own, but if Blizzard is dead set on this 90 second timer for the game, myself and others feel that they should offer alternative modes where players can choose to play with a shorter clock ranging between their current 90 seconds and perhaps a minimum of 30 seconds a turn. I feel this change would accommodate many players by offering a number of options in allowing the player to choose how fast or slow they wish their games to be. Blizzard likely won’t make this change and if they do it’ll probably come around 2 years from now when no-one really gives a shit anymore. I mean, they do have their hands full with the current mess that is Diablo 3 patch 2.1 as well as the horrible choices they’ve been making for Heroes of the Storm.

Anyway, here’s hoping I’m wrong and Blizzard makes those changes to the clock in Hearthstone.

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