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You’ve all experienced this at some point or another. It’s far more prevalent this expansion than any others, likely due to the new Toy Box interface. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about from the title alone, I’ll elaborate.

Since the institution of the Account Bound interfaces (Pet Journal, Mount Journal and Toy Box), players find themselves in situations, where they have completed a quest/achievement or treasure object on one character only to discover that on another character, the reward has absolutely no purpose. Blizzard for some reason decided, in an expansion that returns Gold as a primary end game resource, that SOME (mind you this isn’t true for all rewards) don’t deserve to have a sell value attached to them. This means they have absolutely no point and therefore no encouragement to repeat the content on an alternate character. Granted, some of these are rewarded in the normal swing of leveling up your alt. However, it drives me absolutely crazy that they couldn’t put at-least a minimal monetary sell value on these items. You then have to go through the process of deleting the item from your inventory and /facepalm at the situation.

This issue has always irritated me, anytime I received a reward that I had to destroy. It makes the content that you’ve completed to obtain the reward feel worthless, despite any experience gains. It seems like such a simple thing to fix too. Assign a gold value to the items appropriate to the level of the content they are obtained in. It doesn’t even have to be a large value, but something to make the effort to obtain the item on an alternate character feel worth while. You already have a system in place to determine how much gold a quest of a certain level should reward, why not adapt that same logic to all your toys/mounts/pets?

The ones that drive me especially crazy are the one-time account-wide rewards that you get on all your toons in the mail. The most recent example of this would be the WoW 10th Anniversary event that rewarded a Molten Corgi pet. This was an amazing reward to get and I appreciated the new pet in my Journal. However, having to claim the item on every one of my toons only to immediately destroy it, before being able to delete the mail that has the item in it? This is a very obnoxious system that does not encourage repeating content on alternate characters. I think it should be adjusted and YES I mean backwards as well as forward. This constant view that it’s not worth going back to fix problems with old concepts from difference expansions is silly. There are plenty of players, even a fraction of your subscribers is thousands of players, that enjoy old content and would love to see some of the new technology applied to it, but that is a rant for a different day.

If I had to call out one specific reward that drove me bonkers because it had no use once obtained on an alt, was back in Mists of Pandaria. I refer to the Horde quest line, but there is equally an alliance quest line with the same issue. The Dominance Offensive story line which is completely gated requiring you to only move a little bit forward each day. At the end of the quest line after several weeks of working on the content, you get rewarded with a new mount Grand Wyvern. Happy Happy. Joy Joy. Right? Once you’ve completed this mile-stone on one character, you are still rewarded with the mount on your alternate characters as well. However, they cannot use this item as your account already knows it. They cannot sell/give to another player because it’s Bind on Pickup, and it has no vendor value so you cannot sell it. Now does this sound like an adequate reward for something the player has worked so hard to get? Granted you’ve already gotten it before, but why not at-least let us get a monetary reward for repeating the quest line on an alt?

I rather enjoy the Treasure Hunter style system this expansion. I also understand that allot of the treasures give toy rewards which is because the Toy Box is new this time around and you are showcasing it to players. However, I as well as many others, would appreciate having something else to do with the already known soulbound items. If I get 5 or 10 gold for them, I’d consider them to have a much higher priority on my alts, as it stands they only give you some experience and are often not worth the effort it takes to hunt them down as you could be questing and getting rewards that matter. Though some quests rewards do the same thing, even killing the new rare spawns have this issue as well.

In conclusion, Blizzard, PLEASE put a vendor sell value on items that are “learned” on an account-wide scale. Rewards that you only destroy, are NOT rewards.


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  • savius  says:

    Typical Blizzard oversight. You’re completely right though, all items should have some value to someone I think, even if it’s only valuable to some rare npc that enjoys buying crap generally deemed useless. I mean, if I can sell Ice Cold Milk that I”m 100% certain is no longer ice cold nor could be considered milk, then I think it can’t hurt for most other things to have at least a modest valuation so they’re not completely useless. Though to be fair I don’t care either way since gold means nothing to me. I am rather content in my impoverished WoW lifestyle lol.

  • papasol  says:

    While proof reading this article, I see that wowhead is reporting at 500G sell value on the Grand Armored Wyvern. I’ll be checking this later today as I have been holding onto one of those mounts just encase a value is added. I checked it after the 6.0.2 went live and didn’t see a vendor value then, but I’ll double check again.

    UPDATE: The Item I linked originally was not the correct mount that’s awarded from the Quest line. I have corrected the item link in the article to reflect the correct item which has no vendor value.

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