Rant :: Daily Cool Down Mechanic

It’s long been a gating technique in WoW we’re all familiar with. Blizzard puts a daily cool down on certain things so that you cannot farm them continuously. I’ve always had a problem with this mechanic as it punishes those players that don’t have time to login every day. Even those that do have the time to invest in this manner, it starts to feel mandatory that these tasks must be done every day or you’ll lose it. This is most prominent in the crafting world these days. Each profession has two daily CDs they must do every day to eventually be able to craft the items they are looking for. This has been slightly amended with the introduction of Garrison Profession buildings which can produce the same item at a more frequent yet controlled interval. However, this does not affect the second cool down we all have that we need to do to learn our recipes this time around.

Over the years we’ve also seen the introduction of skill charges. Now days almost every spec of every class has at-least one ability that uses the recharge mechanic. These abilities restore charges over time and cost a charge to cast. In most cases it’s only two charges, but it allows for you to use the ability twice in rapid succession for clutch game play when needed while preventing abuse of the ability by simply spamming it. A perfect example of this mechanic is the Artillery Strike ability granted by the Horde’s Arsenal Garrison Outpost in Talador.

I would LOVE to see the charges mechanic applied to the profession cool downs. I should not have to feel like I’m being punished because I left town for a week and couldn’t login to do my cool down every day. It seems like a logical solution to the problem. Blizzard has their own internal numbers factoring in realistically how fast they should allow these cool downs to be used. I surmise that they could use something like a 5 charge system for crafting cool downs where you can collect and store up to 5 charges to all be done in a row if needed and these charges refresh at the normal daily reset interval. In reality 3 charges is all we’re likely to get if this was to be implemented. I would be ecstatic to see this change hit WoW in the future. Though even if it was done, it likely wouldn’t be retroactive due to Blizzard anti-backward compatibility philosophy which is a whole different rant altogether.

I can see this same mechanic being applied to all those different aspects of the game that are limited by time like daily quests and even weekly quests, hell even boss kills. Let us queue up what we want to do for when we have time to spend doing it and not have to schedule outside activities around tasks that need to be accomplished in the game on a daily/weekly basis. If I haven’t run a dungeon in three days, why not let my lock-out reset instantly a couple times in case I want to spend the effort in a single day to catch up to what I’ve missed.  Like-wise if I’m a casual player because I have a strict work schedule that doesn’t afford me the time need to raid with my preferred group, let me splurge on my days off when I finally find a decent enough group to do the content I’m interested in. The sheer fact that time has passed already means that I cannot possible out pace your projected expected time frames for top tier content. Putting a limit on the total charges is still a valid way of governing the influx that you are attempting to control with daily/weekly resets. It may not be as applicable to weekly content. However, I would absolutely LOVE to see this happen with daily limitations across the board.



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