Recipe Aquisition Feels like A Punishment

I’d like to kick off my first post regarding the WoD Expansion changes by talking about a grievous oversight with the state of Recipe Acquisition for learning the WoD recipes for your preferred profession. I’m no novice when it comes to the crafting world. I’ve been delighted by most of the profession changes with each new expansion, but this one definitely missed the mark. However, that’s a topic for another post regarding profession changes in general. I wanted to keep this article specifically about how unfair it feels to long standing players who’ve grown to love their choice of professions to be required to perform a daily cool down for a currency to buy your recipes, when players who select Garrison buildings for professions they don’t have gain those exact same recipes instantly and for free. It just does not feel right, the player who chooses a building to augment their already known professions, still has to spend days of cool downs in order to learn recipes that any other player who doesn’t have that profession get for fee without the need to wait for days to learn them all. If anything, this situation should be revered. I should not have to grind out learning all the recipes that are granted by simply having the building and not the profession.

This issue may not seem like a big deal and I’ll agree by the end of learning all my recipes I’ll move on, but it is an example of the lack of thought and foresight that was put into this system. I’m not trying to trash the game or call Blizzard out on anything, but I do believe my thoughts and opinions on this subject are completely valid. I as a long time Blacksmith have eagerly gobbled up every recipe that I could find or buy (within reason) just as a personal goal. I never before felt like an expansion’s changes were thought-less until this one. It does not follow any logical sense and I’m sure the developers have their justification for implementing things in the fashion they do. Hell, I’m a developer of sorts with a keen understanding of several programming languages and how to leverage them to achieve my goals with them, so I know things have to be done a certain way to work well together. This change has nothing to do with that though and I would appreciate a little more care to be taken when outlining your work to your internal teams as to not make changes that just blatantly do not follow logic.

Overall I’m happy with the expansion, but I will be knit-picking some of the more annoying and over-looked changes that have me wondering about the dev team lately. Over the years I’ve got my shots in about how Blizzard messes up certain aspects and does some pretty predictable things that could be avoided. But until this expansion, I had complete faith in them, their work, their views and their goals. Garrisons were great addition to the game although they do need quite a bit of polishing still. However due to the fundamental “always looking forward” development philosophy, we will likely never see Garrisons in the light they deserve. I always look forward to future changes from blizzard and eat up all the patch notes that are released. I do hope they see the error in their ways when it comes to this specific point as it felt insulting and like a punishment to endure this specific change.


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