Tree Of Savior Random Thought: Attributes

This will not make any sense to anyone who has not played Tree Of Savior at all or read anything about it, however I will try to explain what it is I’m talking about. Tree Of Savior, like many other MMORPGs, has a skill system. I mentioned before how some of the classes have core skills that have ridiculously long cooldowns associated with them. What I failed to mention was that the damaging spells and skills appear to have no natural scaling whatsoever. While the main stats provide some improvement to the skills’ damage, they don’t appear to have as much of an impact as one would expect.

With my chronomancer for instance, I wanted to see if a different stat build would provide some sort of benefit in the sp regen department so I tried a more spirit heavy build and went with less intelligence. While this did reduce my damage a little, it was not a very significant difference to really matter, though it was ultimately better to go with more int than spirit since the spirit did not really make a difference either due to the overall regen in the game being trash. So how do we increase our damage output from skills? Enter skill attributes.

Attributes are a bit like talents in a sense as their primary function is to modify skills in various ways such as removing knockbacks from certain skills or removing the damage portion of the heal spell to prevent enemies from eating heals meant for your party. Some attributes are more generic and simply increase the overall effectiveness of a skill. This appears to be the primary method of scaling for skills and it goes all the way up to 100% additional output from the damage or healing skill. Attributes cost silver to acquire and obviously have an increasing cost the further the attribute progresses. This is not really an issue, however some attributes actually take time to learn. Real time not game time and this is where the problem lies for me.

The Swordsman class for instance has a spell called “Gung Ho” that increases their physical damage for a certain period of time. This skill is obviously very important since it will increase all of a Swordsman’s damage. Gung Ho also has an attribute that increases the amount of physical damage added from the skill. The problem is that the more you raise the attribute the longer it takes to learn the attribute’s next level. This seems like a fairly pointless waste of time, in fact I am writing this post while waiting to learn the next level of the attribute. So far I think I’ve spent a good hour or so simply sitting in town trying to improve my character. While it is true that I don’t have to sit here and wait and it would probably make more sense to go grind for a while, I do not understand what the goal of this system is, unless of course they intend to sell a way to learn timed attributes instantly for real money.

I know this is not the first time something like this has been used in a game setting, that however does not make it any less nonsensical. I forgot to mention that you can only learn one attribute at a time as well so you can’t even queue up multiple skills to learn at the same time which just goes towards wasting more of your time being unproductive. Oh well, back to grinding.


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