Tree Of Savior iCBT2 Initial Impressions

Last week the second International Closed Beta Test for Tree Of Savior kicked off to the excitement of a lot of former RO players that weren’t able to participate in the first international test. I was one of those excited players even though I was able to play a little bit of the first test. That being said I want to talk a little bit about what my experience with the game has been so far.

First and foremost the game looks and sounds great. It has an art style very reminiscent of Ragnarok Online which is one of the reasons many people were drawn to it, as well as the soundtrack being provided by Soundtemp who also did the music for Ragnarok Online so if you like RO music I think you’ll be pleased with the sounds of Tree Of Savior. Aside from the audio and visuals, the initial server problems were perhaps the biggest standout for most of us. When the beta first went live, 2 out of the 3 servers were not even available, including the server I originally planned to play on and ultimately did. Once I was able to connect I could immediately feel the effects of the lag. It wasn’t exactly unplayable, you could power through it if you wanted to but for my chosen solo class, Wizard, it could sometimes be a pain to lag when you’re trying to kite. The lag has since been addressed to some degree and is a little better but it is not entirely gone. Other than the lag there are various bugs that exist though a few bugs are to be expected in a beta.

Technical issues aside, the actual gameplay is pretty fun though it is not balanced at all. Swordsmen are by far the best and easiest class in the game in terms of leveling ability. They are able to progress through the game by pretty much doing nothing more than auto attacking and using the occasional skill to buff their auto attack. That puts them in the position to avoid the game’s atrocious sp regen and skill cooldowns. There’s a reason that the highest lvl characters in the game were all swordsmen class. Wizard for instance is very expensive if you want to level with minimal downtime. Sp potions have a fairly high cost considering they don’t really provide much regen for the amount of silver you dump into them and should the regen or sp costs be addressed, there still lies the problem with excessively long cooldowns. For my chosen class advancement, Cryomancer, there are only 2 skills worth dumping sp into to use, Cold bolt and Ice Pike(I think this should be Ice Spike but in the game it’s called Ice Pike.). Only having 2 reliable skills would be fine if the most cost-effective spell didn’t have a 30+ second CD associated with it. Excessively long CDs seem to be common amongst most classes that rely on their skills to make them functional. Again swordsmen do not have any of these issues and if you just wish to get as far as you can in this beta or you happen to be on of those melee loving folks that enjoy playing warriors and the like, you should definitely roll a swordsman because they are quite OP in comparison to the rest of the classes in the game.

Ultimately I think the game has a great amount of potential and could be really good if managed properly. Obviously the bugs will need to be fixed as well as proper balancing. For now though I think I’ll just roll a swordsman or battle cleric and see how far I can get as I don’t think it’s worth the effort to grind very far with a wizard in its current iteration. Hope you guys are enjoying the beta.



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  • Nerdsicle  says:

    I didn’t have time to play it this beta due to IRL stuff but it sounds like the people i’ve read reviews about it all have the same/similar pros and cons.

    You should see about possibly talking to community devs to share your thoughts with them, you have a great knowledge of this that work/don’t work in this style of game ^_^

    Hope to hear more, great read!

    • Savius  says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. They don’t really seem to have a good way of giving feedback. You can post on the forums but then you leave yourself open to people who derail your topic into something it wasn’t supposed to be. I hope you find the time to play it if you were able to sign up for it, you may find the cleric class really enjoyable or maybe something from swordman. Not sure if there is any rogue-like class atm but there may be something in the swordman progression that may be close. So many games out right now that I want to play but don’t have time for them all. I will however try to continue finding things to post about.

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