Tree Of Savior: Korean Open Beta

I haven’t been playing much Tree Of Savior since my last post as the issues I have with the current state of the beta still persist though from what I hear from others that are playing at the higher levels, it doesn’t really get much better. That being said, I’m still rather interested in the game’s development as I believe it has the potential to be a very good game should the developers make the correct decisions and make up for a few of their poorer choices. Recently the game’s developer released a trailer and announced plans for a Korean open beta set to begin sometime in December. If we are to assume that the trend will stay constant then we can expect an international open beta to follow a month or two afterwards. Personally I don’t think the game is anywhere close to being ready and perhaps could have used an even longer tech testing stage, however I’m sure the chance to play will excite some of those people who were not able to get in to the last two beta stages. For anyone interested you can check out the trailer below to see some of the additions we can expect in the Korean open beta.



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