Paladin clcinfo configs

I run the addon CLCINFO for assisting with my Paladin Prot/Ret rotations and displaying cooldowns in a fashion that I like. If you would like to see a small video displaying my clcinfo configuration in action visit here. For those that wish to use my configuration as is or just as a base for their own clcinfo configuration, I’ll include my template import strings here and some instructions as to how to apply the configs to your installation of clcinfo.

  • To get started first you’ll need to install the clcinfo addon from the link I posted above and restart your wow client to make the addon active.
  • Once you have logged into WoW with CLCINFO active, type /clcinfo
  • Click on the Templates category
  • Click Add Template button, a new template item will appear in the templates list.
  • Click on the newly created template item in the list
  • Click on the Export/Import tab
  • In the Import box you paste one of the following template strings: Retribution Protection (note: due to the large size of the text string your wow client may stop responding during the paste. This is normal, just wait it out.)
  • Click the Accept Button below the Import String box
  • Click Yes on the confirmation window.
  • After a brief pause in the game, you’ll see the new template has been renamed and is ready to use as is.
  • Repeat this process for both the Retribution and Protection strings if you wish to use both.

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