Titan Reputation Updated for 6.0.2

I’ve pushed out two new version of Titan Reputation tonight. These are mainly long standing bugs that are now fixed.

If you are unfamiliar with my addons, they are all listed on my projects page on curse.com.

Version 3.8.5

  • Added 30 Second delay to Alerts, this prevents the New Faction Discovered announcement spam when logging in or switching toons.

Version 3.8.6

  • Fixed: “Session Summary” data not displaying in tooltip.
  • Tweak: “Session Summary” each faction is now indented in the tooltip.
  • Tweak: “Session Summary” each faction is now shows perHour and perMinute stats.
  • Tweak: “Session Summary” header and session duration will only show if there is a faction reputation gain in the current session.
  • Tweak: “Show Exalted Total” is now always the last line of the tooltip when enabled.

I’m not finished with Titan Reputation, I am only just getting started again. The 3.8.5 fix for alert spamming was a lazy work around. I will look closer at the code and try and work in a more elegant solution than just simply blocking alerts until the addon has been loaded for atleast 30 seconds.  Ideally this one need a complete rewrite, working with it as a LDB addon instead of being Titan Panel dependent, but this en-devour is far down the road.

I am still planning on a complete rewrite of Glamour, since Blizzard has changed so much about the achievement system since it was first implemented. Glamour cloned and modified the original Achievement Alerts code so at this point it is far behind the current game version. My first big undertaking this expansion will be the complete rewrite of Glamour using the latest Achievement Alert code as a basis. It will of course be backward compatible. This rewrite has me a little excited as over the past couple years Blizzard has made the built-in alerts system more robust.

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